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Navigating today’s constantly changing and challenging pricing, contracting and access environment requires a well-reasoned, pragmatic approach rooted in experience in pricing and access negotiations, primary and secondary research, and real-world evidence across your geographies of interest.

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Trinity is a leader in delivering innovative and locally-nuanced global solutions for pricing and market access strategy development and execution support. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions and a dedicated pricing and market access team that brings deep methodological expertise together with direct industry experience to develop tailored approaches to each product and market.

We have supported clients throughout the lifecycle of their products including in Phase I or post-proof of concept (PoC), to inform their pivotal trial program, to prepare for launch, to improve the market performance of their franchise and/or further its differentiation, to identify and prioritize new LCM indications/opportunities, as well as to address biosimilar or generic competition. Trinity’s team has informed strategy, pricing, access, reimbursement, and contracting (SPARC) decisions for over 500 assets. This includes a wide range of emerging technologies such as gene therapy as well as highly competitive markets such as diabetes.

Trinity’s vast experience across a broad array of geographies and both retail and hospital markets gives customers the historical context and analogs for their current pricing and market access questions. We also pride ourselves on real-time knowledge management to ensure that strategic recommendations are steeped in reality, and provide a thoughtful perspective on the future state of this increasingly important force in the life sciences industry.

Pricing & Access Offerings

  • Payer/Pricing Strategy

    Trinity’s Payer Strategy projects help brands maximize their place in the market by developing and pressure testing pricing plans and gathering or generating the evidence necessary to support those plans. Trinity offers a complete solution from a high-level strategic pricing plan all the way to detailed tactics about specific discounts and plan structures including specific recommendations and enables alignment with commercial and product development teams.

    Customers benefit from leveraging Trinity’s quality payer network in all major geographies (including US, EU4 + UK, Japan, China, and Brazil), giving us a unique ability to gather valuable feedback from stakeholders on the ground and to discuss pricing specifics for each country or payer type on a peer-to-peer level.

    Each year we conduct projects on numerous global products with a variety of features:

    • Specialty pharma, physician/in-hospital administered, or pharmacy benefit products
    • US payers: Commercial (MCOs, PBMs), Medicare (A, B, C, D), Medicaid (state FFS and managed), Institutional (hospitals, LTC, etc.) Cash, Other (e.g., VA, etc.)
    • Global payers: National, regional and local pricing authorities, hospital payers, and health technology assessment (HTA) bodies
    • Strategies involving multiple indications and optimal sequencing/bundling strategies
    • Integrated pricing and contracting strategies
    • Innovative pricing, contracting and payment models
  • Value Proposition and Evidence Strategy

    Providing the right evidence to payers and other key access stakeholders is essential to unlock the pricing and access potential of therapies (new and on-market). For new therapies, particularly in rare disease therapies but also in large diseases, the pivotal clinical trial data is generally insufficient on its own to justify the price that would maximize the potential of their franchise.

    Leveraging our experience with payers and other stakeholders, Trinity’s team works with our customers to identify the most impactful target value story for your therapy, determine key evidence gaps that need to be prioritized to achieve it, and design an evidence-generation roadmap and studies to address these gaps, as well as to develop compelling materials to educate access stakeholders pre-launch and post-launch, present the value story and supporting evidence, and justify price decisions.

  • Contracting Strategy

    We support clients’ contracting efforts from early assessment (e.g., contract vs. not, control/break-even analyses, etc.), to strategy development, execution support and reporting/performance measurement (including contract adjudication, analytics, organization and operations). Our services support contracting and tendering with both US and global payers, as well as US providers (e.g., physician practices, clinics/hospitals, GPOs).

    While the majority of our contracting work is on “traditional” contracting strategies and operations, we support companies considering innovative contracting approaches (e.g., outcomes-based or other value-based arrangements) end to end, from early landscape assessments and options assessment to strategy development, execution and performance assessment.

    Trinity’s provider contract development methodology supports customers prior to product or contract launch with engagements ranging from contract design and modeling to contract training, field tools and scenario planning. Post-launch, we support moving from concept to contract to performance evaluation, ongoing contract management and administration, gross-to-net (GTN) assessment, and competitive contract response.

    Through collaborative working sessions, detailed account data analysis, and rigorous economic modeling, we identify our customers’ primary objectives and goals and determine the optimal structure and strategy to help them overcome various barriers to contracts that can get in the way of success.

    Our comprehensive understanding of the current access environment in the customer’s therapeutic area and our ability to seamlessly integrate key business questions and strategy into detailed economic modeling and analysis allows us to routinely serve as a long-term partner, providing ongoing support, contract analysis and updates, and insightful guidance over the entire life of the product or contract.

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