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Improving targeting precision and field force direction through AIML-based patient finding

Background A global rare disease company was looking to improve targeting precision and support field team effectiveness Traditional targeting was non-viable due to the small size of the patient populations, complex disease recognition and diagnosis, and restrictive therapy eligibility criteria Attempts by a prior analytics partner to use rule-based alerts failed, and even after two years, no new patients had been identified Given the small number of patients in each indication, every new start is high value, both for the…

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Global Value Messaging and P&MA Strategy for a CAR T Cell Therapy

Trinity completed an engagement to support the successful launch of a CAR T cell therapy with distinct clinical profile in a competitive landscape. Geographic Scope: Client Situation The client asked Trinity to develop and externally validate global payer value messages and the associated evidence set for their CAR T cell therapy. They also required support with developing a robust global pricing and market access strategy for their asset. Trinity’s Solution Trinity conducted focus groups and In-Depth-Interviews (IDIs) with key payer and provider stakeholders in scope markets to…

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Assessment of the Impact of National Guidelines on Uptake of a Biomarker Among HCPs and Payers

Trinity designed staggered quantitative research to assess the impact of national guidelines on uptake of a biomarker among HCPs and payers. Geographic Scope: Client Situation The client wanted to understand the impact of national physician society guidelines on uptake / acceptance of an innovative biomarker based on developed patient vignettes, and expectations for updates to payer diagnostic testing polices. Trinity’s Solution Trinity conducted qualitative research, fielding a survey with physicians and payers, to determine current physician utilization and payer coverage of biomarker diagnostic test and track evolution in payer policies and…

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Early P&MA Forecasting Support for a Pipeline Asset

Trinity provided early P&MA forecasting support for a pipeline asset in development for several inflammatory conditions via secondary research. Geographic Scope: Client Situation The client wanted to uncover the optimal launch strategy for their pipeline asset by understanding the current and future landscape across several inflammatory diseases to support indication prioritization. Trinity’s Solution Trinity conducted secondary research into the clinical treatment algorithms and current pricing and market access (P&MA) landscape of 19 inflammatory diseases to understand the unmet need, level of competition, payer management, contracting…

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Early Payer Guidance Across Four Inflammatory Disease Areas

Trinity completed an early payer guidance engagement, conducting comprehensive secondary research across four inflammatory disease areas. Geographic Scope: Client Situation The client wanted to gain an in-depth understanding of four inflammatory disease areas to inform early stage decision-making. Trinity’s Solution Trinity conducted comprehensive secondary research in the following areas: Disease background including diagnosis, prognosis, epidemiology and unmet needsCurrent and future paradigm including lines of therapies and standard of carePipeline analysis including key therapies in development and future treatment gamechangersPricing and access landscape including pricing analysis, health…

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P&MA Assessment to Support BD&L Decision-Making

Trinity completed a P&MA assessment for a gene therapy in Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON) to support BD&L decision-making. Geographic Scope: Client Situation The client wanted to understand the current and future market landscape and the resulting pricing and access potential for a gene therapy asset in Leber hereditary optic neuropathy to support their BD&L decision-making. Trinity’s Solution Trinity conducted in-depth interview (IDI) discussions with payers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) to evaluate current treatment practices and price thresholds for…

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Cross-Functional Launch Strategy Alignment Workshop

Trinity organized a full day on-site workshop to bring together key cross functional client teams to align on a final launch strategy for their mNSCLC asset in Japan. Geographic Scope: Client Situation: The client wanted to build alignment on the launch pricing & market access assumptions for their asset in metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (mNSCLC) and metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) in Japan, including consideration of all forecasting assumptions and pricing and market access (P&MA) risks. Trinity’s Solution: Trinity conducted targeted secondary research to determine the existing mNSCLC…

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Biosimilar Differentiation Strategy

Trinity developed a strategy to drive differentiation of a biosimilar through service offerings and contracting in Canada, and select LatAm and MEA countries. Geographic Scope: Client Situation: The client wanted to identify the service offerings and contracting that can drive differentiation and preference of a biosimilar versus the originator biologic and other biosimilars. Trinity’s Solution Trinity conducted an internal working session with the local and regional team to vet hypotheses, followed by a semi-qual / quant primary research program moderated in local language with n=185…

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Strategic Recommendations About Potential Actions to Shape Bone Health Policy

Trinity completed a detailed analogue assessment to understand how various stakeholders are involved in shaping health policies across markets. Geographic Scope: Client Situation The client wanted to identify best practices as well as the external stakeholders they should consider working with to efficiently shape global bone health policy. Trinity’s Solution Trinity conducted a systematic analogue disease area filtration to understand the disease areas where health policy development is most comparable to the bone health space. Trinity then conducted exhaustive secondary research within each analogue disease area to understand the…

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Mapping Payer & Employer Perceptions of Novel Migraine Therapies to Support Access Strategy Development

Trinity conducted a payer and employer advisory board to understand current perceptions of novel migraine therapies and potential strategies to improve access. Geographic Scope: Client Situation The client wanted to gather the payer and employer perspective on how the migraine landscape is evolving, and pressure test key strategic options as well as messages that they had developed. The employers included:  Coca-Cola Company, Metro Nashville Public Schools, St. Louis Community College, and Vibra Healthcare. Trinity’s Solution Trinity conducted an unblinded advisory…

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