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Cross-Functional Collaboration: Winning Strategies for Medical-Commercial Success

April 26, 2022 | 12:00 – 12:30 PM ET  Join Trinity Life Sciences for a webinar that explores the findings from our TGaS report entitled, ‘Commercial and Medical Affairs Leaders Landscape 2022’. The study is based on the responses of 35 Commercial leaders and 24 Medical Affairs leaders representing 56 separate biopharmaceutical companies.  Commercial and Medical Affairs teams continue to play an important role in healthcare innovation and the value of having cross-functional collaboration is more critical than ever.   Join…

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Make Rapid Decisions with Confidence: Trinity’s Approach to Business Development Assessments

Life science companies are often faced with situations that require quick decisions—from triage and/or pre-diligence phases through full due diligence. Trinity’s expert team routinely provides time-sensitive business development support, delivering robust insights and evidence-based answers in days. Come join us for a dynamic discussion on evaluating Business Development opportunities in life sciences. Key Webinar Topics What are the best approaches, data and tools to meet your business needs within your time horizon?How can you leverage rapid access to Real-World Evidence…

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Demystifying Government Pricing: A Lens Into Industry Best Practices

Companies frequently contract with various government channels as part of their contracting strategies. Each channel requires statutory price reporting, which drives manufacturer rebate calculations and/or provider reimbursement. With significant penalties for non-compliance and real financial impact on the bottom line, there is no room for error with government pricing calculations. Dynamic regulations add to the complexity. Join TGaS’ pricing and contracting experts for an exclusive webinar for pre-commercial and emerging life science companies. We will discuss common challenges that companies…

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HTA/Reimbursement Evolution and Priorities for Assessment in a Value-Based Healthcare Environment in Latin America

This session will discuss trends in the HTA/Reimbursement environment in Latin America and the drivers for value-based health care (VBHC) implementation within the region. The potential benefits of VBHC, stakeholders’ roles in VBHC, contextual barriers and facilitators for VBHC implementation, and potential future impact of VBHC to healthcare in the region will be discussed by a panel of speakers. Note: The webinar will be presented in Spanish and Portuguese with PowerPoint Slides shown in English.Dr. Hector Castro will moderate the session and…

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Competitive Intelligence Complexity in 2022 and Beyond: Making Friends with Volume and Velocity

Life science Competitive Intelligence (CI) is growing in importance and impact. From innovation in technology to the number of products launching to the more connected global marketplace, CI teams are wrestling with the needs of an evolving function.  With more data coming at CI teams faster, organizations need to adapt and optimize or be left behind. Pulling from the initial findings of a recent study, Trinity’s team of CI-focused experts share insights and commentary on the opportunities and challenges facing…

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Life Sciences Forecasting: Managing Dynamic Inputs, Calculations and Outputs

Life science forecasters support complex analytical needs, all while grappling with ever-changing assumptions and datastreams. Working in Excel is often one of the few constants, but the comfort of working with a familiar tool frequently becomes a trade-off in functionality as forecasters pursue easy consolidation and communication, greater version control and intuitive scenario planning. Trinity’s forecasting team has focused on life sciences forecasting and modeling projects for 25 years—and that breadth and depth of experience drove the creation of Trinity…

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Imperatives for Optimizing Your Commercial Data Environment

Whether you are preparing to deploy your commercial data environment or considering changes to your existing infrastructure, don’t be left wondering. There is a lot to consider from both a strategy and day-to-day operational perspective to ensure you are making optimal decisions.Trinity Life Sciences invites you to join us for a webinar created specifically for emerging and pre-commercial life sciences companies. After working with many companies in your shoes, we have compiled the most important “Did You Knows.” Come learn…

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MedTech in the Post-COVID World: Where Do We Go From Here?

October 28, 2021 | 1:00-1:45 pm ET Trinity MedTech, a part of Trinity Life Sciences, invites you to our webinar, MedTech in the Post-COVID World: Where Do We Go From Here? We will share data from our real-world evidence team on key sectors within the broader MedTech industry to show the impact of COVID on different MedTech lines of business. We will also explore what the implications are moving forward for companies/brands. In particular, what are best practice companies/brands doing…

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Brand Health 2022: A Strategic, Data-Driven Approach to Brand Assessment

December 1st, 2021 | 1:00 pm EST In today’s highly competitive market, innovation and creativity are critical to create a strong Brand Strategy that supports meaningful differentiation.  A key challenge for life sciences companies in 2022 will be to identify the clearest strategies to address brand performance and assessing brand health for their unique context. Whether your brand is on-market already or is preparing for launch, leveraging a nuanced, evidence-based view of performance drivers – from prescriber adoption, to payer…

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Patient Finding but Were Afraid to Ask

According to a TGaS Advisors’ large landscape study, 45% of all machine learning commercial use cases in the life sciences industry were for finding patients, often for HCP alerts and targeting. In fact, if you are not doing patient finding alerts/targeting, you are probably behind the industry.Come join TGaS Advisors, a division of Trinity Life Sciences, as we share the “ins and outs” of patient finding, including learnings from our study. It’s clear that patient finding can have a big…

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