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Business Development: Getting Pricing & Access Inputs Right

Now Available On Demand: Trinity invites life sciences executives to join us for a dynamic discussion on the most common high-impact challenges inherent in Business Development: What contributes to inaccurate pricing and market access assumptions in the quick-paced Business Development process? How do you de-risk pricing and access at each stage of the diligence process? Chad Faulkner, Partner in Trinity’s Strategic Advisory practice, will host this session and moderate a panel with special guests Monica Martin De Bustamante—Senior Partner &…

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Incentive Compensation: Keys to Success in the Quest for Talent

Now Available On Demand: What are the latest incentive compensation trends that you need to know to remain competitive in the quest for talent? TGaS Advisors, a division of Trinity Life Sciences, explored this question as part of our 12th Annual Incentive Compensation Landscape – the most comprehensive study of its kind in the life sciences industry. We surveyed Incentive Compensation (IC) leaders at 54 life sciences companies of all sizes to gain their perspectives on current trends and best…

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Valuing an Early-Stage Asset in Pharma and Biotech: Innovative Approaches for Novel Therapies

Now Available On Demand: Secure success in bringing your novel therapies to market with Trinity’s innovative, holistic approach to valuing early-stage assets. Biopharma companies have been experiencing record levels of growth in recent years through M&A, co-developments, joint ventures, licensing agreements and other partnership deals. It is unlikely that this accelerated growth would have been sustained using traditional methodologies that are less able to generate realistic valuations for complex innovative therapies. Using traditional valuation methods, we likely would not have…

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The Next-Generation Commercial Model: Questions You Should Be Asking

Now Available On Demand: Whether you are an emerging, mid-tier or large-tier company preparing for launch, now is the time to challenge conventional thinking. We have all seen the dramatic shifts in scientific innovation in the life sciences industry that have been further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these shifts, Trinity Life Sciences found that the commercial models employed by companies that launched new products recently were still largely based on traditional sales and marketing approaches. In reaction to…

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IRA Medicare Inflation Penalties: Implications for Manufacturer Pricing and Contract Strategy Decision Making

Now Available On Demand: What do ‘pricing inflation penalties’ actually mean for manufacturers of biopharma products? Explore the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) on biopharmaceutical product net prices and contract strategies as manufacturers adapt to new U.S. market conditions. In this webinar, Trinity Life Sciences’ Evidence, Value, Access & Pricing practice experts will provide a high-level review of IRA policy updates before exploring the implications for currently marketed Medicare Part B and Part D therapies, as well as…

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How to Generate Evidence to Drive Differentiation for Your Asset in a Competitive Market

Now Available On Demand: Demonstrating and communicating the value story to clinicians and payers is critical for successful commercialization, but there are many scenarios where new products may struggle to differentiate themselves. If you have a better mousetrap, how do you demonstrate value to support pricing, access, adoption and reimbursement? The HEOR Evidence Strategy team at Trinity Life Sciences will conduct a webinar to explore this important question and share several case studies where we worked with companies facing this…

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Dragon’s Offer: Imparting Wisdom About Market Access Through the NRDL in China

Now Available On Demand: What do pharmaceutical manufacturers need to know to successfully navigate the market access landscape in China through the latest NRDL update? The access landscape in China is rapidly evolving with important implications for novel medicines. The most recent update of China’s National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) in 2021 focused on the expansion of new and high-cost innovative therapies and highlighted the improving access environment for these drugs. In this webinar, Trinity Life Sciences’ Value, Access and…

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What’s Keeping Payers Up at Night?

Now Available On Demand: The U.S. market access landscape is becoming increasingly competitive and complex. It is now more important than ever for drug manufacturers to keep abreast of what payers are thinking to maximize the likelihood of receiving favorable reimbursement outcomes. Through in-depth and ongoing conversations with Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Trinity’s Value, Access and Pricing experts uncover what payers believe to be the most critical factors shaping pricing and market access decision-making for…

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Next Level Forecasting Series: A Forecasting Ecosystem

Trinity invites forecasting executives in the life sciences industry to join us for a lively discussion on establishing a forecasting ecosystem: How do you set up an ecosystem that houses market/competitor dynamics, product demand, market access, promotional efforts, contracting, returns/stocking/inventory information, etc…?Once you have this ecosystem, what are some best practice approaches to having key stakeholders easily access and update? Susheel Sukhtankar, Partner & Head of Commercial Analytics at Trinity, will host this session and moderate a panel with special…

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Recruiting, Retaining and Motivating Talent

The demand for experienced talent coupled with changing work models during the pandemic has created a very competitive job market. Biopharma companies are challenged more than ever with how to recruit, retain and motivate talent. Join Trinity Life Sciences for a webinar that explores the findings from our recent TGaS study entitled, ‘Recruiting, Retaining and Motivating Talent’. Interviews were conducted with 27 Chief Commercial Officers at pre-commercial and emerging companies to understand how the biopharma industry is addressing this significant…

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