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Developing and executing high-impact Patient Support Services (PSS) is of critical importance as manufacturers strive to create patient-centric customer experiences.

As markets evolve rapidly, manufacturers are challenged to assemble the right insights, tools, technologies and strategies needed to deliver Next-Gen PSS.

  • Key Business Questions

    Many questions need to be answered to enable an impactful PSS offering that is truly patient-centric:

    What are the core needs of patients and providers in this therapeutic area (TA)? Are they different from other patient populations?

    What innovation or new approaches may be needed to address these needs?

    What are other manufacturers in the TA and adjacent TAs offering? How well are those programs performing and what can we learn from them?

    What are the key drivers of adherence for the patient population? How can tools and programs be developed around them?

    How should performance—and impact—be measured? What metrics represent patient satisfaction, and how may those metrics differ from traditional measures?

    What data sources are required to understand the patient journey fully and accurately? How can the organization act on these insights?

    How does Patient Services work with marketing to provide an integrated, curated and optimized Patient Experience?

    How do you demonstrate the impact of Patient Services to executive leadership? What metrics can you talk about?


Building and driving an optimal Patient Services strategy requires a patient-centric focus and a full commitment to investing in the patient relationship over time.

Trinity’s Patient Services Center of Excellence provides advisory services powered by a dedicated team of experts with access to differentiated patient insights, proprietary benchmarking data, advanced analytics and tracking tools.

Overview of Offerings

Program Development

Program Development

Determine key program features and offerings based on real-world patient needs and expectations within the therapeutic area

Capabilities Planning

Capabilities Planning

Map out the internal resources needed to deliver the program, including roles/responsibilities, hiring plan, etc.

Implementation Planning

Implementation Planning

Gather inputs for a robust implementation plan, including recommendations for systems, vendors and data analytics strategy

Tracking & Measurement

Tracking & Measurement

Develop and track patient-centric KPIs using all available data sources to meaningfully measure and refine program performance

Clients are able to:

Access one-of-a-kind proprietary U.S. patient services benchmarking data and tools across performance (Patient/HCP Satisfaction) and organizational/operational measures within the peer set (TGaS)

Benefit from recommendations driven by patient-focused, vendor-agnostic objectivity and understanding of the broader commercial ecosystem

Understand the key factors that shape Patient Support Programs (PSPs) and identify the right components for their program

Precisely calculate the time and resources needed to plan and execute a PSP offering

Uncover barriers and insight into measuring the success of and satisfaction with PSPs

Predict Next Best Actions for Patient Engagement

Patient Services Center of Excellence project elements can include:

  • Patient/Caregiver & HCP Primary Research and Satisfaction Tracking
  • Competitive Landscape Assessment & Benchmarking—provided by TGaS Advisors, a division of Trinity Life Sciences
    • Virtual Hows (VHows) Industry Surveys—brief topical benchmarks
  • Expert-led Workshops
  • Data identification and integration
  • Dashboard development
  • And much more
Patient Services Center of Excellence Brochure cover

Patient Services Brochure

TGaS Advisors Patient Support Services (PSS) Solution offers key insights into:

  • Patient Support Program (PSP) offerings, design, strategy
  • PSS structure and design of internal organization and PSP team
  • The latest trends, tools and technology in Patient Services

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