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Trinity approaches Business Intelligence differently:

Design Thinking Orientation and Framework, Seamless Integration of Multiple Data Sources, Off-the-Shelf Playbooks for Faster Development,  Enhanced Performance for Increased Adoption, Consolidation and Scaling of Dashboards Across Business Units/Brands, Data Triggered Insights and Alerts

Our strengths deliver real, tangible results.

Key Strengths and Differentiators 

  • Technology-Agnostic Solution Development Framework 
  • Robust KPI Library Covering Entire Life Sciences Domain 
  • Strategic Thought and Innovation Partner 
  • Simplified Layout Powered by Intuitive and Informative Visuals 
  • Real-Time, Data-Driven Alerts and Insights Delivery 

Real, Tangible Results

  • 2500+ Brand and Field Dashboards Delivered 
  • 50% Reduction in Time to Insight 
  • 500+ KPIs across Functional and Therapeutic areas 
  • 250+ Data sources Integrated
Business Intelligence & Reporting Services Brochure cover

Business Intelligence & Reporting Services Brochure

  • DDS Cosmos™

    DDS Cosmos™ is a digitally transformed Data Analytics Model that drives novel patient experience and business outcomes to help life sciences companies thrive in a disruptive environment.

    This future-proof analytics solution provides living, flexible tools:

    • Intelligent Data Products—Create Knowledge Graphs and Data Models seamlessly with Data Extractors across 200+ sources
    • AI Hub—Make predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations actionable with Augmented Analytics & Conversational Al via easy integration with Operational Enterprise applications
    • Business Intelligence Framework—View out-of-the-box playbooks, use-case specific data models and comprehensive Quality Control (QC) checklists all in one frame
    • Data Science Libraries—Leverage a KPI Bank and Dashboard, Feature, Business Rules and Pre-built Model Libraries.
    • Consumption Ready Applications—Tap into self-service insights and structured, reusable UI Workflows, easily matured into Composable Architecture.

    DDS Cosmos offers:

    • Closed-loop collaboration between Data Citizens
    • Automation and Self-Service Analytics
    • Insight-driven Customer Engagement
    • Augmented and Guided Analytics
    • Machine-Ready Recommendations

    Brand 360

    Comprehensive brand management suite

    Customer 360

    Seamless omnichannel engagement experience

    Patient 360

    An integrated patient engagement toolkit

    “Working with D Cube Analytics has been nothing short of a revelation. After more than 2 decades in the industry and having worked with many vendor partners, I see D Cube Analytics as a flag bearer of capabilities that will drive the next decade of analytics within BioPharma.”

    VP, Large BioPharma


  • Brand 360

    Brand 360 is a comprehensive brand management suite that allows clients to understand, follow and engage stakeholders across pre-, mid- and post- launch.

    This proactive solution suite is calibrated on market size and level of differentiation required for the brand, from Mass Market Drugs to Oncology (Single/Multi-Indication), Specialty/Niche Market Drugs and Rare Disease/Orphan Drugs.

    Explore Brand 360 applications:

    • Market Uptake Tool—Track market evolution and provide robust KPIs for forecasting assumptions across multiple indications in a one-stop solution
    • Insights 360—Enable strategic brand management through rapid decision-making across product portfolios with a complete overview of brand performance
    Brand 360 Brochure cover

    Brand 360 Brochure

    “We wanted to look at our brand performance holistically and at one place. Partnering with D Cube Analytics helped us achieve that. The collaboration was effortless and we are able to achieve our targets way before time. Now our insights are generated at least 10x faster.”

    VP, Large BioPharma


  • Customer 360

    Customer 360 is an omnichannel delivery platform customized to drive a measurable, effective and seamless customer-centric engagement experience for Physicians.

    With a synchronized digital and personal engagement engine, Customer 360 delivers unified, hyper-personalized content:

    • Analyze data across channels and respond utilizing insights gleaned from Machine Learning (ML) models to deliver the appropriate message
    • Uncover HCP interaction insights across digital and face-to-face channels to drive Rx growth
    • Determine the optimal timing of touchpoints with HCPs
    • Ensure HCPs stay “connected” and maximize channel impact with effective orchestration of personalized campaign content across channels based on preferences
    • Identify the optimum sequence for maximum engagement

    Customer 360 is fast, augmented, standardized, accurate and collaborative—it allows for breakthrough customer engagements, enhanced productivity and optimized ROI:

    • Automate manual processes to ensure data readiness at all times
    • Streamline decision-making and automate downstream Marketing Operations
    • Fine-tune investments across channels by leveraging deep learning
    • Leverage a proven cloud-native modelto build cost-optimized omnichannel infrastructure

    Customer 360 offers:

    • A deployment-ready Customer Data Platform—Cloud provisioning, data ingestion, management, engineering and security
    • KPIs and Analytics—Fit-for-purpose campaign and operational metrics reporting
    • Ecosystem integration—Upstream and downstream integrations across digital systems and channels
    • An Execution Focus—High-performance teams to execute your omnichannel strategy
    • Extended Support—Larger Commercial Analytics ecosystem for thought leadership and innovation

    Explore Customer 360 applications:

    • HCP Connections—A living Knowledge Graph to unearth hidden relationships and expand the targeted universe through connected data
    • Recommendation System—An AI engine to identify Next Best Actions to marketers targeting physicians
    • Rep Assist—A fully customizable tool to empower the field force with key insights and Next Best Actions
    Customer 360 Brochure cover

    Customer 360 Brochure

    “D Cube Analytics played a key role in the commercial success of our new drug launch mainly through the speed with which they stood up and delivered our project. We see the value they continue to deliver in optimizing our commercial success further.”

    Sr. VP, Emerging BioPharma


  • Patient 360

    Patient 360 is an integrated patient engagement toolkit to allow understanding, tracking and engagement for every patient across the care spectrum.

    Clients optimize the value of Real-World Data (RWD) investments with Patient 360’s data standardization, allowing users to find answers and democratize them to the organization without code.

    A suite of analytical capabilities curates and engineers multiple patient engagement touchpoints across the commercial value chain to increase brand awareness:

    • Bespoke modules provide key insights at every stage of the Patient Journey
    • No-code analytics applications enable users to provide inputs on the model definition, model selection, etc.
    • Insight-driven, personalized and contextual engagement with consented patients across all interaction channels

    Explore Patient 360 applications:

    • Patient Flow Suite—A differentiated patient analytics delivery model powered by context-aware applications to speed time to insights
      • Cohort builder and code set module that allow the creation of patient group characteristics with the accompanying market and event definitions
      • Analytics module that comes with a set of common RWD analytics charts and tables with the option to customize and add on
    • Treatment Onboarding Assistant—An intuitive tool that provides clear utilization visibility and optimizes workload assignment with scenario-based forecasting
    Customer 360 Brochure cover

    Patient Flow Brochure

    “We collaborated with D Cube Analytics to better understand our patient journey; their holistic approach and solutions were unique, gave us deeper insights into our data and helped us decide our next best action.”

    VP, Large BioPharma


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