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Integrate contracting functions and systems to maximize profitability and gain efficiencies.

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The Pricing, Contracting & Analytics solution supports our clients throughout the entire contracting lifecycle, providing benchmarking, advisory, membership and benchmark-based system optimization services. Our goal is to provide Pricing & Contracting leaders with industry best practices to maximize contract profitability, increase compliance profile, gain efficiencies, and optimize operations.

  • Areas of Focus
    • Strategic Pricing & Contract Strategy: Establishing strategy at the brand and channel level, rebate guidelines, and WAC/list pricing
    • Proposal Development and Analytics: Pricing impact analysis, proposal and contract authoring, pricing committee operations and contract profitability analysis
    • Contract Administration: Membership and eligibility management, claims submission and formulary validation, rebates and chargebacks processing
    • Government Pricing and Compliance: Calculations, forecasting analytics, audits, and SOPs
  • Pricing, Contracting & Analytics Offerings
    • Benchmarking: Detailed comparative analysis of structures, resources (headcount and spend), processes, systems, capabilities and organizational strategies with insights and recommendations for both current and future operational states
    • Benchmark-Based System Optimization: Contract Management system integration, pre- and post-deal analytics capabilities, business process optimization/operational effectiveness

TGaS Advisors Benchmarking Membership

Information and advice from industry experts and peers, including advisory support, landscapes, Virtual Hows, semi-annual Summits, and more (available to the TGaS Advisors Client Network).

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