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In the midst of a highly competitive and ever-changing marketplace, it is vital for life science companies to routinely sort through and integrate complex market dynamics and strategic imperatives so they can forecast and analyze the mechanics of commercial performance. 

Trinity’s Commercial Analytics offerings include forecasting, promotional analytics and analytics support. Our dedicated team of commercial operations experts have specialized skillsets and extensive industry experience in using and analyzing commercial data—their expertise facilitates a seamless integration of strategic and tactical planning. Trinity leverages primary, secondary and unparalleled benchmarking data powered by TGaS Advisors to enable success for all aspects of commercial operations and analytics.

Commercial Analytics Brochure cover

Commercial Analytics Brochure

Commercial Analytics Offerings

  • Forecasting

    Trinity is a long-established forecasting partner to the life sciences industry. Our dedicated forecasting team combines strategy, research and technical expertise and has extensive forecasting experience across disease areas and modalities, employing a suite of well-designed tools and well-considered assumptions. Every forecast we build can serve as a central hub that informs important commercial decision-making and enables a company to understand and mitigate expected risks.

    We have extensive experience in forecasting across the product lifecycle, including:

    • Strategic Forecasts
    • Operation Forecasts
    • NPV/eNPV Forecasts
    • BD/Deal Term Forecasts
    • Market Access Forecasting for Pricing & Contracting

    Our forecasts are supported by best-in-class offerings across our Commercial Analytics suite, as well as our Primary Market Research and Real World Evidence practices. With these inputs in mind, we create robust, functional tools fully informed by the best possible assumptions. Our forecasting engagements include design, build, calibration and communication phases—and we often support clients with ongoing operational support. Whether customers need an onsite dedicated resource to prepare for long-range planning, ongoing monthly support to actualize a model or on-demand resources to fill the role of an in-house forecasting team, Trinity provides full-service forecasting support.

    Our forecasting offerings include:

    • Forecasting Ecosystem (Infrastructure and Process) Roadmaps
    • Forecasting Ecosystem Development
    • Assumptions and Forecast Generation
    • Forecasting Support & Training

    Building on our long history of forecasting excellence, Trinity has also developed Trinity CloudCast, the revolutionary connected forecasting platform for life science companies. Built by forecasters for forecasters, CloudCast delivers powerful custom tools, best-in-class data management and the familiarity of Excel in an enterprise solution to truly empower higher quality decision-making.

  • Promotional Analytics

    Trinity excels at designing and operationalizing promotional strategy driven by each client’s overall brand, portfolio and corporate strategy. Taking an integrated approach to personal and non-personal promotion, Trinity has the experience to develop a validated, fact-based solution tailored to each business situation.

    Promotional Mix Modeling and Optimization

    Measuring the relative ROI across a life science company’s many promotional channels is extremely complex because of the unique importance and scale of sales promotional efforts and the need to promote to 3 distinct audiences (patient, provider and payer)—as well as the differences in sales and marketing promotional activities and measurement across different countries.

    Trinity uses a unique approach to optimize promotional mix that leverages TGaS industry benchmarks, cross-functional stakeholder discussions across the client organization and analytical rigor.

    Trinity’s Promotional Mix Modeling offering builds on brand and market context to provide a comprehensive, nuanced view of complex omnichannel analytics across life sciences sales and marketing initiatives.  Our experts evaluate relative ROI, identify areas of waste or opportunity and benchmark each client’s impact and resourcing with their peers.  We handle the legwork to ascertain and compile the relevant data from internal and external sources, deliver commercially-focused analysis and contextualized insights, identify recommended actions and help to implement those changes.

    Promotional Mix Modeling clients are able to:

    • Compare different Sales & Marketing tactics of varying investment levels to see which are most productive
    • Contextualize their marketing team structure, expenditure and performance against peers
    • Evaluate the impact of the changes they’ve made on ROI
    • Gain insight from industry experts, data scientists and advanced analytic modeling tools powered by Trinity Analytics (seasonality, variable transformations, adstock effect modeling, promotion response curves, s-curves, simulators for testing various scenarios, etc.)
    • Leverage TGaS industry benchmarks to enhance marketplace understanding, justify changes in investment and assess not only how each channel performs—but how that performance compares with peers
    • Optimize their marketing investments and customer engagement across promotional channels (social listening/engagement, digital strategies, personal promotion, etc.)
    • Support recommended actions and implementations with Trinity expertise

    Field Team Structure, Sizing and Alignment

    Trinity helps clients determine the optimal size, structure and deployment of their field team(s) to target the desired customer universe of patients, providers and/or payers. Common challenges to field team sizing include an unclear customer universe and cookie-cutter field team planning solutions. Trinity’s deep understanding of life sciences data and flexible phased approach provides customized, tailored field team plans, insights, alerts and suggestions.

    Our approach includes:

    • Benchmarking—leveraging proprietary TGaS data
    • Field Force Recommendation Engine—activating opportunity and promotional orchestrations with AIML-enabled Next Best Action/Next Best Engagement
    • Flexible Deployment Options—configure and surface suggestions via existing field facing platforms or with Trinity’s Rep Assist application
    • Marginal Return on Investment—assessing where potential may limit return on coverage
    • Predictive Targeting and Segmentation—predicting, pinpointing and prioritizing the most valuable customers and the best methods of engagement
    • Reach & Frequency—providing workload assumptions and universe sizing

    Alongside field force planning, Trinity works with clients to determine what accounts/HCPs to target in markets of interest for attainment of sales forecast and alignment with the short- and long-term strategic objectives of the organization. Trinity’s approach of triangulating traditional deciling, market research and advanced analytics incorporates a holistic view of our customers’ strategic objectives.

    Incentive Compensation Plan Design and Administration

    Siloed approaches to plan design and broader corporate selling strategy—combined with the lack of an end-to-end administration solution that is flexible, scalable and well-documented—often prevent life sciences companies from realizing their true potential.

    Trinity has extensive experience in incentive compensation (IC) plan design and administration for customer-facing teams. Our expertise in commercial strategy and operations allows for a holistic approach to motivational IC plan design that drives sales objectives.  Our approach includes a dynamic rollout process and supporting communication plan, as well as the delivery of actionable plan results to representatives and proactive assessment of the plan performance.

    Our proprietary IC administration tool provides a structured, user-friendly solution to meet each client’s needs. Administering an IC plan can be complex and time-consuming—structured IC administration allows for a robust, flexible process with consumable outputs and actionable analytics.  Our team of IC experts uses the most current technology to manage, process and deliver each client’s plan results.

  • Full Service Commercial Analytics

    Trinity’s integrated analytics support our clients’ business needs from strategic planning to tactical implementation. Our analytics support offerings include:


    End-to-end support covering our full suite of commercial analytics offerings. Trinity provides a team of experts with therapeutic area knowledge, industry experience and specialized skillsets to address each client’s specific questions.

    Commercial Analytics Roadmap

    A tailored blueprint for the optimal organizational structure covering ownership, processes, technology and resources to meet current and future analytical needs. Trinity has expertise in meshing analytics with commercial strategy, along with access to an internal, proprietary library of industry benchmarks.

    Business Process Assessment

    A detailed analysis to understand existing business processes and suggest enhancements to streamline analyses and insight generation. Trinity’s business and technology expertise, combined with our unique experience supporting the life sciences industry, allows us to assess these processes holistically.

    Business Decision Support

    Data-driven insights to provide comprehensive understanding of each client’s business questions and decision points. Our focus is on providing clients with the information they need to make informed, confident decisions.

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