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Life sciences companies strive to make real-world evidence (RWE) a routine part of their decision-making process, but face challenges optimizing their use of real-world data (RWD).

Consistent, actionable real-world insights ultimately allow life sciences organizations to answer critical questions, including:

Who are the patients? Where do you find them? How are they treated? What are their outcomes?

Trinity Real-World Evidence delivers meaningful RWE solutions by providing an experienced partner to work alongside life sciences leaders, with the context to flexibly implement built-for-purpose insights – and to draw on the appropriate data assets, from each company’s existing array of data resources to Trinity’s unique in-house data portfolio.

Real-World Evidence Brochure cover

Real-World Evidence Brochure

Trinity Real-World Evidence powers actionable insights
regardless of where you are in the product lifecycle.

  • Market and Therapy Area Landscape Assessment

    New Product Planning leaders often need to make quick business development decisions—inputs into those decisions, like sizing patient populations and defining the disease and market landscape, need to be available in weeks to be useful.

    Early commercial assessments often need to balance available resource with optimal analysis level, as teams may not own relevant data or have the budget for a custom analytical project.

    With Trinity Real-World Evidence, life sciences companies can back commercial decision-making with real-world data (RWD) under circumstances and timeframes that weren’t previously realistic.

    • Data-driven insights across a range of key business needs are delivered within weeks.
    • The most appropriate data assets for the specific needs of each client are used, including Trinity’s unique network of direct data access.

    Trinity Real-World Evidence generates actionable real-world insights to assess market and therapy area landscapes, allowing clients to:

    • Inform market opportunity/prioritization assessments
    • Drive forecast assumptions
    • Profile patient demographics and common comorbidities
    • Characterize treatment and treater landscapes
    • Understand disease burden and cost of care

    Sample Insights Available Include

    Market Sizing

    • Claims diagnosed prevalence
    • Year-over-year growth rate
    • Incidence rate
    • Key patient demographics

    Treatment Landscape

    • Overall treatment rate
    • Treatment rate – class | product
    • Mono vs. combo treatment
    • Treatment consumption metrics*

    Engaged Specialists

    • Engaged specialties
    • Treating specialties
    • Setting of care utilization
    • Top facilities

    Disease Burden

    • Common comorbidities
    • Top clinical outcomes
    • Total cost of care per patient
    • Distribution in cost of care
    • Average cost by care setting

    * Average scripts per patient, days on therapy (DOT), and daily average consumption (DACON)

  • Evidence-Based Value Arguments

    For HEOR leaders focusing on evidence planning, evidence generation and scientific dissemination, RWE provides a solid foundation that allows them to address their key research questions around the patient, burden of illness and therapy/treatment landscape. The core challenge is two-fold:

    • Pre-launch — demonstrate and measure unmet needs in the current marketplace to pave the way for the upcoming launch
    • Peri-launch/On-Market Support — articulate the measurable value of your asset and differentiate it to ensure a successful market access and reimbursement strategy

    With Trinity Real-World Evidence, HEOR teams can generate robust publication-quality RWE to uncover unmet needs in the market, inform the launch strategy, drive Payer Communications and Medical Education and identify specific evidence to provide model inputs for Cost of Care models, Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEAs) and Budget Impact Models (BIMs).

    • Accuracy and confidence in identifying the right patients is driven by using the most appropriate data assets and analytics for the specific needs of each question, including Trinity’s unique network of direct data access.
    • Trinity’s integrated approach allows clients to tap into dedicated, experienced HEOR and RWE teams for support across the product lifecycle.

    Thoughtfully designed, customized RWE allows clients to provide insights on key HEOR topics:

    • Epidemiology
    • Patient identification and characterization
    • Therapy use, LOT, switch behavior and discontinuation
    • Outcomes, SEs and AEs
    • Health Care Resource Utilization (HCRU) and Cost of Care
    • Unmet needs

    Trinity offers important, publication-quality insights to help:

    • Demonstrate product differentiation
    • Conduct appropriate statistical testing and comparator analyses—including matched cohort/baseline/reference
    • Identify compelling economic evidence to support payer engagement
    • Develop compelling clinical and humanistic evidence to support medical education

    Insights Include

    Patient & Provider Details

    • Epidemiology and demographics of physicians and patients
    • Setting of care
    • Patient cohorts of interest by disease state, LOT, etc.

    Current Treatment & Timeline

    • Test rates by physician and patient types
    • Time from diagnosis to treatment initiation
    • Unmet need (co-morbidities, diagnosis delay, etc.)
    • Treatments utilized (LOT) and source of business
    • Drivers of treatment utilization

    Treatment Experience

    • Duration and adherence to treatment by therapy type
    • Switching quantification
    • Patient experience
    • Drivers of treatment adherence

    Cost of Care

    • Healthcare cost, resource utilization and holistic cost of care
    • Cost distribution by setting of care and patient types
    • Drivers of cost

    Trinity’s Evidence Strategy team helps clients demonstrate the holistic value of their assets across the product lifecycle by leveraging a best-in-class methodological approach powered by technology and scientifically-driven, publication-quality primary and secondary research.


  • Patient/Treatment Flow

    As Patient Centricity continues to rise in importance, pre-launch teams focusing on the Patient Journey can tap into the reach and objectivity of RWE-driven patient flows to support brand and launch planning.

    With Trinity Real-World Evidence, life sciences companies can follow patients over time to quantify the diagnostic and treatment journey.

    • The most appropriate data assets for the specific needs of each client are used, including Trinity’s unique network of direct data access.
    • A proprietary analytics infrastructure allows clients to define custom patient cohorts, compare patient flows among subpopulations and understand multiple years of progression to understand gaps in care and better meet patient needs.

    Leverage points to optimize care are identified, allowing clients to:

    • Determine opportunities within the market
    • Identify key levers, drivers and barriers in the market
    • Assess and prioritize stakeholders
    • Characterize the treatment and treater landscape

    Insights Include

    Treatment Journey

    • Treatment initiation timeline
    • Mono vs Combination use
    • Line of therapy progression
    • Switching and triggers for switch

    HCP Interaction

    • Specialty diagnosis and treatment
    • Specialty initiation
    • Referral flow
    • Specialty impact on treatment choice

    Diagnostic Flow

    • Events pre diagnosis
    • Tests conducted pre diagnosis*
    • Events post initial diagnosis
    • Time intervals between diagnosis and initiation of therapy

    Health Resource Utilization

    • Setting of care utilization
    • Site of care interaction as triggers for progression

    * Only lab tests that are coded. Results and ranges are not available.

    Integrating RWE-based patient flows with PMR enables objective insights—such as diagnostic tests and frequency, referral pathways, triggers for therapy switching and more—to be coupled with the personal and professional perspectives of patients and HCPs. Clients gain insights to help guide project design, like point-in-time metrics, as well as to help contextualize and ground it.

    Trinity’s dedicated Patient Centricity Center of Excellence focuses on deeply understanding patient needs and experiences to support life science organizations in product development, launch and beyond. Clients can select from a suite of patient-centric solutions, including: Patient Journey, Patient Experience Design, Patient Services Innovation and more.


  • Brand Health Assessment

    For in-market brands, assessing brand performance and key levers that impact that performance—with market context—is crucial.

    Brands that haven’t yet entered a market need to compare themselves to competitors to inform strategy and planning.

    Trinity’s unique blend of assets and expertise allow clients to consider a range of brand health methodologies beyond standard analytics, including:

    • RWE “Data Assessments”—objective, data-driven views of a brand’s key performance levers and trends
    • Benchmarking—of historical spend and resourcing vs. competitors/peers/analogues
    • The use of the most appropriate data assets for the specific needs of each client, including Trinity’s unique network of direct data access

    Trinity Real-World Evidence generates actionable real-world insights to assess performance for brands or target markets relative to competitors, allowing clients to:

    • Identify levers for performance optimization
    • Define or update KPIs
    • Monitor market developments
    • Update and manage internal expectations

    Insights Include

    Physician Adoption

    • Percent of target specialists prescribing
    • Adoption over time
    • New vs. continuing prescribers

    Physician Prescribing

    • Brand- and target competitor-specific treatment rates
    • Differential prescribing rate by physician patient volume
    • Shared vs. owned prescribers
    • Use by indication

    Payer Acceptance

    • Relative adoption by payer channel
    • Performance with leading payers

    Patient Persistence

    • Days on therapy
    • 30/60/90-day patient drop-off rate
    • OOP sensitivity
  • Patient Finding Excellence

    For leaders focusing on diseases in small patient populations, patient finding is vitally important across the product lifecycle:

    • Clinical teams need to identify patients that may not be diagnosed for trial recruitment and site selection
    • Commercial leaders need to scale the ability to find patients—diagnosed and undiagnosed—for planning, targeting and alerting

    Patient finding is the foundation for market sizing and forecasting, the preface for commercial activities and planning—a core driver to understanding opportunity in a disease space.

    With Trinity Real-World Evidence, life sciences companies can leverage the rapidly evolving data ecosystem to enable strategy and execution driven by RWE across the product lifecycle. Patient Finding can be useful across a range of business needs—from critical clinical decisions, such as site selection, to commercial initiatives, like Next Best Action (NBA) and alerting.

    • Accuracy and confidence in identifying the right patients is driven by using the most appropriate data assets and analytics for the specific needs of each question, including Trinity’s unique network of direct data access.
    • Trinity’s integrated, patient-centric focus informs the process, allowing clients to find patients in time to address their critical needs.

    Scalable, rapid patient finding supports commercial success, allowing clients to:

    • Engage physicians treating patients of interest
    • Accurately size the market and opportunity
    • Drive forecast assumptions
    • Characterize the treatment and treater landscape
    • Profile patient demographics and comorbidities
    • Evidence generation and value proposition

    Insights Include

    Market Sizing

    • Diagnosed and undiagnosed
    • Year-over-year growth rate
    • Incidence rate
    • Key patient demographics

    Engaged Stakeholders

    • Engaged specialists
    • Treating specialties
    • Setting of care utilization
    • Top facilities/site selection to target

    Treater Landscape

    • Overall treatment rate
    • Treatment rate by class | product
    • Mono vs. combination treatment
    • Treatment consumption metrics

    Disease Burden

    • Common comorbidities
    • Top clinical outcomes
    • Total cost of care per patient
    • Distribution in cost of care
    Trinity AI Brochure cover

    Patient Finding
    Case Study

Advanced Analytics

Trinity Real-World Evidence incorporates advanced analytics—including artificial intelligence/machine learning (AIML)—to align with each client’s unique business goals and data availability.

Trinity’s specialized skillsets, proven methodologies and industry expertise deliver robust analytics to support nuanced studies.

How Are Clients Leveraging Real-World Evidence?

New Product Planning and Business Development

New Product Planning and Business Development

Insights into market size and key pattern quantification within the patient population

Market Research and Brand Teams

Market Research and Brand Teams

Understanding of patient flow and key pattern quantification to identify who the patients are, who treats them and how they are being treated



Robust data to support model assumptions (e.g., market size, treatment rates, market share, days on therapy, etc.)



Epidemiology and health care research utilization (HCRU) insights that support evidence-generation plans

TrinityEDGE™ Foundations mentioned in May 2024 Gartner® research on Data & Analytics Capabilities.

“The commercial data and analytics vendor community is a small one, with only a handful of players offering purpose-built platforms capable of streamlining commercial data integration and insights generation.”


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