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The road to commercialization is increasingly challenging and requires the right plan, the right people and the right partners to ensure success.

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No matter where you are on the path to launch, Trinity works with you to define, execute and optimize your commercialization readiness. We directly support >30 companies annually in their launch journeys – strategy, planning and management – across dozens of therapeutic areas, from first-launch emerging biotech to the largest global pharma leaders.

Launch Excellence Engagements

Our team’s deep roots in market/product strategy and expertise in facilitating cross-functional alignment, combined with our suite of benchmark-based offerings, gives you the “outside-in” best practices and the confidence of knowing that you’re doing the right thing at the right time with the right people.

Trinity’s launch excellence engagements help our clients effectively and efficiently prepare for successful commercialization tailored to your market and situation, whether it’s your company’s first launch, a new franchise, a new product, or a new indication. With unparalleled commercial benchmark data, we partner with our clients to scale and prepare their organizations for launch: we design, pressure test, implement and operationalize the right strategy, plan and process for your unique launch.

No two launches are the same. But the key to every successful launch is a deep understanding of the strategic vision and development of the people, processes and tools to enable the execution of that vision. To support our clients on the launch journey, our team of senior leaders brings 50+ years of global experience across dozens of past product launches, therapeutic areas and product modalities. Our seasoned leadership at Trinity means you’re partnering with a network of diverse functional experts (20+ functional experts, with an average of 22 years of industry experience) to provide best practices and advice for your specific needs. Further, our Launch Accelerator provides a centralized, single-source-of-truth platform that facilitates effective and efficient tracking and communication. Depending on your needs, we can be your strategic thought partner, your plan architect and/or your project manager, supporting you every step of the way and ensuring your launch raises the bar.

Trinity’s Launch Accelerator allows customized, tech-enabled support for each client’s launch, wherever they are.



Finding right-sized teams that are unified and multi-disciplined + balancing portfolio + company strategies



Prioritizing tactics (relative to strategy), programs + events and evolving indications



Understanding peer-level priorities, determining market thresholds and uncovering patterns



Effectively and integrating planning processes and execution with appropriate lead times for success

Launch Excellence Offerings

  • Organizational Planning
    • US Resource Assessment & Planning Diagnostic (RAPiD). Recommends headcount, spend and organization structure at specified timepoints pre-launch using proprietary benchmark data. Ideal for companies needing guidance on how to best scale their US commercial organizations during high-growth times (first launch and/or new franchise builds) and/or to help educate their board/leadership on commercial needs.
    • Global Commercial Strategy. Whether you’re trying to assess the commercialization opportunity, prioritization of ex-US markets, type of go-to-market model (i.e., go it alone, out-license, partner/hybrid), or infrastructure/organizational structure and capabilities required to support commercialization, our team can help you navigate the options, implications and resources needed.
  • Commercial Roadmap Development or Refinement
    • High-level Roadmap. High-level roadmap of activities to get to launch across the functions. Ideal for companies that are 24+ months prior to launch.
      • RAPiD+ Insights – Pair the roadmap with a RAPiD to contextualize your headcount and budget planning with the activities tailored to your situation.
    • Detailed Plan. Comprehensive launch plan gated by key milestones and delineated by function, owner, timing, status; highlights interdependencies and priorities aligning to strategy.
    • Gaps Analysis. Assessment of existing launch plan to identify gaps, risks and/or provide recommendations on timelines and/or estimated budget, leveraging our best practices and benchmarking data.
  • Advisory & PMO Support

    Launch Management. We know that having a dedicated PMO resource is critical to exceeding launch expectations. Our project management extends beyond the organizational and process-related tasks (e.g., launch plan tracking, governance process, communication, etc.) and provides dedicated resources to be the agile thought partner you need navigating the nuanced and dynamic external and internal factors. We structure this to be flexible in scope to support your team where and when you need it.

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