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Commercialization in the life sciences depends on the ability to seamlessly integrate strategy, big data analytics and visualization techniques with the capacity to plan for success every step of the way.

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Trinity’s Commercial Operations approach provides actionable insights using unique analytical methods to successfully drive customers’ commercial business strategy. Trinity offers extensive experience using and analyzing commercial data sets, a dedicated vertical of experts with specialized skill sets in statistics, as well as a seamless integration of strategic and tactical planning. Trinity’s deep background as strategy consultants makes us an ideal partner for the commercial operations team. Our solutions are steeped in the commercial strategy necessary to drive success for inline brands.

Commercial Execution Offerings

Field Force Sizing

Field Force Sizing

Our goal is to holistically think of field force needs and develop a fit-for-purpose field structure, alignment and size that optimizes the market need.

Forecasting Support

Forecasting Support

Our goal is to ensure every forecast can serve as a central hub that informs important commercial decision-making and enables a company to understand and mitigate expected risks.

Field Operations Support

Field Operations Support

Trinity’s industry experience, dedicated team of field-ops experts, and unparalleled benchmarking data powered by TGaS® Advisors produces commercial success for all aspects of field operations.

Analytics Support

Analytics Support

Trinity’s integrated analytics can support business needs from strategic planning to tactical implementation.

Incentive Compensation

Incentive Compensation

Trinity’s unique combination of TGaS® benchmarking data and deep strategic experience makes us ideal advisors on the IC structure for optimizing product sales (IC Planning and Structure + IC Adjudication).

Commercial Data Solutions

  • Commercial Operations Roadmap

    A tailored execution plan with a prioritized set of objectives and supporting system requirements to build your commercial operations.

  • Data Aggregation

    A partner to design, onboard, and manage your distribution suppliers, along with data integration and quality procedures to ensure accuracy.

  • Master Data Management (MDM)

    A set of processes and tools that consistently define and manage the data entities of an organization. It is a foundational enterprise-level asset.

  • Data Management

    An all-in-one platform that measures your time to data in days instead of months and that is built to support your specific data and analytics needs.

  • Business Intelligence

    A rich set of dashboard, reporting and KPI templates within an innovative turnkey solution, delivering actionable insights at every level of your organization.

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