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How to Avoid a Content “Stalemate”

If you have participated in the promotional review process, it can be a delightful, contentious, enlightening or [insert your own adjective here] experience. Some of the brightest minds in the organization gather semi-weekly to provide insight and input on marketing materials that help customers understand the benefits and risks associated with prescribed products. All participants have an important role in shaping content, and not unlike a game of chess, it can move swiftly, or it can last for months or…

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More than a Science: The Art of Interviewing Patients for Qualitative Medical Research

As researchers and clients, we deem the insights of Health Care Professionals (HCP) as being crucial to the development of life saving, game-changing therapies. We require highly skilled, disease-conversant moderators who can match medical terms and treatment protocols with the best of them. Patient Insights work is vital when it comes to moving the needle toward the creation of ever more efficacious therapeutic options, ultimately leading to better health outcomes. Insights gleaned from patient conversations provide vital end user inputs…

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Surgical Procedures Are Moving to Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) – or Are They?

For decades, surgical procedures were confined to hospitals where patients would be admitted to the inpatient ward for days, and often weeks, for recovery and monitoring. Increasingly, as technology, technique and safety improved, hospitals began to offer outpatient surgery to patients to drive profitability and an improved patient experience. Most recently, ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) – standalone, highly efficient same-day operating facilities that are detached from hospitals – have emerged in the United States. ASCs can offer the same quality…

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Successfully Navigating the Seas of Competitive Intelligence in Life Sciences

In life sciences, we are all swimming in a sea of information. We have access to a staggering amount of data that was unimaginable even 5 years ago—and demand for data and information remains high even with the recent economic slowdown. Consider this: lists more than 400,000 studies worldwide in 2022, compared to about 2,000 in the year 2000. Over the past decade, the number of medical publications has grown by 86%. The number of pharma and biotech company…

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How to Lead and Develop High-Performing Field Matrix Teams

Many life sciences companies design customer engagement models that rely on coordination and communication between Account Managers, Sales, Reimbursement, Patient Services, and Field Medical to drive outcomes, performance, continuity and improve the customer and patient experience. These collaborative field teams are often formally or informally referred to as matrix or matrix-based field teams, and tend to be organized by Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), ecosystems and/or geography. Executive stakeholders from Field Leadership, Brands and Market Access functions have shared during benchmark…

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2022 Annual Digital Marketing Competency Report

Market Dynamics  During the past two years we have witnessed an accelerating race to evolve digital and data capabilities through enhancement of tech stacks to make organizations more analytically driven and connected moving forward. With issues such as data privacy and a cookie-less world at the forefront, it is now incumbent upon brands to unify data and to understand how independent efforts come together to impact customers.  TGaS Approach  At TGaS/Trinity Life Sciences, the Omnichannel Solution is deeply connected across…

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What You Need to Know to Be Prepared for 2023

This advisory brief incorporates learnings from TGaS Advisors’ 2022 Fall Summit, which brought together the industry’s top commercial operations, market access and medical affairs executives to discuss the hottest trends, address concerns and prepare for future challenges. More than 200 individuals from 100 emerging, mid-tier and large-tier biopharmaceutical companies attended function-specific sessions across the Commercial, Market Access and Medical Affairs ecosystem. Leaders shared perspectives, made recommendations and collectively thought through alternative paths forward relative to key decisions to be made…

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Patient Journey: A New Approach To Meet The Demands Of Patient Centricity

Patient Journey is a mainstay of pre-launch commercial insights generation, traditionally sitting beside demand estimation, segmentation and other key inputs to commercial decision-making and launch preparation. Historically, Patient Journey has been used to identify leverage points and opportunities to increase market share for the new product. It has been generated through primary market research (largely qualitative) and presented as a one-time, standalone deliverable. Today, the call to engage on a meaningful level with patients demands a new focus on the…

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Capitalizing on Opportunities to Drive Impact in Commercial Operations

Throughout the first half of 2022, we’ve continued to face historic, unprecedented challenges related to the ongoing global pandemic. Life sciences enterprises, and essentially all industries, are grappling with decisions large and small. Priorities for Commercial, Market Access and Medical Affairs organizations in the life sciences industry continue to shift as teams work feverishly to evolve virtual and digital channels to engage with customers, and to sharpen Advanced Analytics. Developing capabilities and skills in new ways of working continue in…

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Patient Centricity: Optimizing Integration throughout the Lifecycle

While the vision and goal of patient centricity are clear, today’s leading life science companies are grappling with the complexities of execution: How to take the “idea” of patient centricity and translate it into strategy and tactics – and how to measure results. Read our new advisory brief to learn more about our model and the concrete actions companies can do to integrate patient centricity into their business decisions. Complete the form below to access the full brief…

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