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Your Challenges

What are the key considerations when developing a Hub Services strategy and organizational approach for Specialty diseases?

What important factors needs to be considered when developing and fielding an FRM team, regarding roles, sizing, compensation and KPIs?

What are the trends for patient enrollment channels, best practices for services and use of
digital programs and vendors?

Patient Support Services Solution

TGaS Advisors’ solution focuses on four core areas that are key to an effective, comprehensive Patient Support Services function. Key insights into organizational design of both home office and customer-facing teams and best practices for specialty, rare disease and oncology for optimal engagement for both patient and providers including the latest trends in technology to support key stakeholders.

  • FRM/Nurse/Patient Educator
    • Sizing & Alignment
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Performance Metrics
    • Skills & Capabilities
    • Cross-Collaboration
  • Hub Customer Services
    • Services & Support
    • Data & Metrics
    • Patient Assistance / Free Goods
    • Operational Management
    • Technology
  • Field Management
    • Customer Engagement
    • Provider/Patient
    • Reimbursement Support
    • Payer Reimbursement Services
    • Field Integration & Support
  • Channel Management
    • Patient Support Strategy
    • Access & Affordability Tactics
    • Market Research & Analytics
    • Distribution Support (Specialty Pharmacy)

Rich content is continuously updated and expanded through our client network

  • Copay Card Programs
  • Use of Technology and CRM in Patient Support Services
  • Nurse Educator Reporting Structure
  • Hub Support Dynamics
  • Patient Support Services Spend
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Copay Accumulators and Maximizers
  • Patient Support Program Metrics
  • Field Reimbursement Teams Roles, Compensation
  • Patient Support Program Enrollment
  • Patient Assistance Program Eligibility
  • Leveling and Compensation for Patient Support
  • Patient Support Home Office Roles

Proprietary Benchmarks Answer Client Questions

  • Portfolio – What structure and organizational design is required to achieve organizational goals?
  • Strategy – What organizational approach and customer engagement model is required to effectively engage with customers. What tools and resources are necessary to meet functional objectives?
  • Competitive Assessment – How does the team compare to peers across skills, capabilities and competencies?
  • Organizational Effectiveness – Are roles, cross-collaboration and strategies aligned across the organization to achieve a seamless, integrated and efficient customer engagement?
  • Technology/Tools/Resources – Are tools and resources aligned with customer/patient needs? Usability and Accessibility?

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