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of our client-facing leadership team joined us out of an undergraduate or advanced degree program

What Trinity Looks for in Early Talent Candidates

What We Look For

  • In your studies: You have challenged yourself academically, incorporating science and business focused courses.​
  • In your extracurriculars: You have held leadership roles and have thrived in team-based, collaborative experiences.​
  • In your professional experiences: You have demonstrated an interest in working in the intersection of the life sciences and business.​

What’s Important to You

  • Your passion for life sciences aligns with Trinity’s purpose of “every decision impacts a life.”​
  • You want to dedicate your work to empowering our clients to deliver life changing therapies to patients.​

How You Work

  • You are coachable, intellectually curious, hungry to learn and always up for a challenge. ​
  • You are motivated by working with others and thrive in a learning based, collaborative culture.​
  • You reflect Trinity’s core values in your everyday work
  • Check out our practice cases to learn more about our work.

  • Internship Program

    Trinity offers a wide range of internship opportunities for students of varying backgrounds and interests. Our Internship Programs are inclusive of real-world, on the job learning experiences, extensive career development opportunities as well as networking and team building activities.

    Our 9-week program includes internship opportunities across our different consulting and analytics teams, as well as different corporate functions such as People Operations, Marketing, IT and more. Internships are generally reserved for students who are six months to one year away from graduation.

    Program locations are dependent on the business unit and include:

    • Waltham, MA (Headquarters)
    • New York, NY
    • San Francisco, CA
    • East Norriton, PA
    • London, UK
    • Munich, GER

    Internships run from late June to mid-August. Applications are due in late fall-early winter depending on the business unit, please be sure to apply through our Open Positions Careers site.

    2024 UK internship applications are no longer being accepted. Please review our open positions for any remaining internship openings in the U.S.

  • Transition to Trinity – Externship

    Transition to Trinity is our three-day externship for candidates pursuing an MD, PhD or Postdoc in the life sciences. Our program offers a glimpse into what it is like to work on a client project as a life sciences strategy Senior Consultant. Participants will engage with Trinity Consultants on a real-life project simulation that demonstrates how a consulting engagement runs from beginning to end. Participants will also gain exposure to the culture at Trinity and what makes us a unique firm to work for.

    2024 Program Dates: June 11th – June 13th

    Participation Eligibility:

    • Participants for this program are generally reserved for students who are six months to one year away from completion of their program – no later than 2025
    • Strong interest and/or background in life sciences in the context of business strategy
    • Ability to attend all three days of the workshop in their entirety

    Applications: You can find our application under Open Positions – applications are open until March 10th, 2024.

    Selection Process: Candidates selected for an interview will be contacted directly within one week of the application deadline. Interviews will consist of two rounds – a phone screen with a member of the Talent Acquisition team, and one 45-minute Microsoft Teams video interview that will include both case and behavioral components with a member of our Client Services team.

    This program is only offered in the U.S. at this time. All applications are due for the 2024 program by March 10th, 2024.

    Transition to Trinity FAQs

    Q: Are applications reviewed on a rolling basis?

    A: No, all applications are reviewed immediately following the application due date.

    Q: Are there other internship or externship opportunities for advanced degree candidates aside from T2T?

    A: Yes. We offer a summer internship, but with a limited number of positions for advanced degree candidates. Please reference the Internship Program section above for more details.

    Q: If I’m not accepted to T2T, can I still apply for a full-time position?

    A: Yes, you are welcome to apply to any of our open positions on our website.

    Q: Is T2T evaluative?

    A: T2T is first and foremost an experiential learning program. However, Trinity does take the opportunity to evaluate candidates for full-time positions following the completion of the program, should there be a business need.

    Q: I have a conflict during the scheduled dates of T2T. Should I still apply?

    A: Given the short timeframe of the program, we need all participants to be available for the entirety of the 3-day program.

    Q: I’m attending a dual-degree program. Can I still apply?

    A: All eligible candidates must be currently pursing a PhD, MD or PharmD, or in a Postdoc program.

  • Full Time Opportunities

    Full time opportunities available across business units

    Trinity recruits on-campus year-round with the largest emphasis on Fall and Spring timelines. Trinity hires students with a diversity of degrees including: Bachelors, Masters, MBAs, PhDs, PharmDs, MDs and Postdocs.

    • Associate Consultant: for candidates who have completed undergraduate studies and/or 1-2 year master’s programs.Associate Consultants are an integral part of two or more project teams at a time comprised of staff, management, and leadership team members. Associate Consultants will have exposure to a wide variety of strategic business issues, as well as the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the life sciences industry, ranging from small biotechs to large pharma.

      Associate Consultants develop their skills through extensive formal and informal training, as well as receiving mentorship that encourages them to stretch their analytical, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.

    • Senior Consultant: for candidates who have completed an advanced degree such as a PhD, PharmD, MD, MBA (with prior real-world experience) or Postdoc.Senior Consultants fulfill a leadership role on multiple case teams, designing and implementing strategies to help our clients maintain strong growth. Client engagements are generally focused on one or more areas of Trinity’s specialized expertise. Trinity Senior Consultants have unique opportunities to manage project work streams and also provide mentorship to other junior employees across multiple teams. With exposure to a wide variety of strategic business issues within the life sciences industry, this position offers qualified candidates the opportunity to take on immediately challenging and rewarding roles.
    • Rotational Program: This program is a two-year rotational program through different Trinity teams within our Advisory practice; this program is designed to build future leaders. The program allows individuals to accelerate their career by offering exposure to diverse practice areas, rotating every ~8 months. Upon completion, graduates assume positions that best align with the business need, and their interests. Practice areas that our Associate Consultants would rotate through include, but are not limited to, are:
      • Evidence, Value, Access & Pricing (EVAP)
      • Strategic Advisory (SA)
      • Centers of Excellence (COEs)
      • Primary Market Research (PMR)

      This program is designed to kick start your career at Trinity and set you up for success before you find your permanent position following the program. Associate Consultants will have exposure to a wide variety of strategic business issues, as well as the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the life sciences industry, ranging from small biotech’s to large pharma.

  • Professional Development

    Trinity is invested in the professional development of its team and offers tools to support their growth.

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Trinity Talent Acquisition team is always working to improve upon our DEI efforts in all stages of the recruiting process, starting from increasing the pipeline of diverse candidates all the way through an equitable and inclusive interview and offer process. To learn more, please visit our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website page.

  • Preparing for Interviews

    Most interviews are 45 minutes conducted over Microsoft Teams or on campus and include behavioral and case components.

    Have an upcoming interview?

    Interviewing advice:

    Devin McKinney

    Associate Consultant
    BA in English, Pre-med;
    Bowdoin College

    My best advice for a case interview would be to prep with a friend/classmate. Learning how a case works is rather simple; the most difficult piece is communicating your learnings/insights out loud. Get comfortable with imperfections and mistakes! Also, don’t neglect prep for the behavioral questions; make sure you have a few stories ready to showcase your skills in a team, addressing challenges, etc.

    Lucas Monserrat

    Associate Consultant
    BA in Economics and Mathematics;
    Bowdoin College

    Practice, practice, practice. Prior to any case or behavioral interview, make sure that you have gone through numerous live mock interviews. Reading case prep books and practicing cases on your own, can only get you so far. Going through mock cases and behavioral interviews live will help you build the confidence you will need to speak and think critically while under the pressure of a real interview.

Chiara Spain

Sr. Consultant
Joined 2021

Yale University
BS Cognitive Sciences

“On a typical day at Trinity, I take an active role in a variety of internal and external meetings. I also utilize independent time to draft deliverables, conduct analyses, and build final reports with key insights and recommendations, all in collaboration with other members of the Trinity team.”

Matt Jones

Sr. Consultant
Interned 2018 | Joined 2019

Harvard University
BA Economics

“My favorite thing about Trinity is the diversity of experiences it offers every day; that diversity can manifest in the variety of talented coworkers I get to work with, the types of clients we work with, or the types of projects that we complete for our clients.”

Nathan Buchwald

Engagement Manager
Interned 2018 | Joined 2019

Brown University
ScB Chemistry

“My role at Trinity is split in two. I serve as a project manager, focusing on day-to-day client management by delivering insights that address our clients’ key business questions. I am also fortunate to serve as a people manager responsible for managing several direct report’s project staffing and professional development.”

Julia Pikus

Interned 2013 | Joined 2015

University of Pennsylvania
BS Bioengineering

University of Pennsylvania
MS Bioengineering

“What stood out to me the most about the company as an intern, and what ultimately drove me to come back as a full-time employee, was the balance of a very steep learning curve with a culture of teaching and mentorship. From day one, I was treated as a full-time team member, and I was given responsibilities that were both challenging and rewarding.”

Steven Romanelli

Engagement Manager
Joined 2022

Fordham University
BS Biological Sciences

University of Michigan
PhD Molecular & Integrative Physiology

“I joined Trinity to be at the intersection of science and business and to work with a talented team to solve challenging problems for clients in the life sciences. It is a privilege to get to work on such impactful projects that have real-world implications for patients all over the world.”

Lauren Grant

Joined 2005

Princeton University
AB in Economics

Boston College

“My advice to candidates would be to read the headlines, listen to podcasts, and keep up to date with the evolving news of pharma/biotech. The life sciences industry is one of the most dynamic (and interesting to follow). By tracking the latest news and technology developments, it will give you a great foundation and head start to our work.”