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The 2020 Dichotomy: An Analysis of the COVID-19 Launch Class

May 5, 2021

The challenges of the pandemic revealed an interestingly uneven response on the commercial side, prompting the question: did biopharma’s commercial innovation keep pace with the industry’s scientific progress? Some launches showed spectacular success, while others fell far short of expectations. What were the distinguishing factors that drove this dichotomy?

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Bypassing NICE: Manufacturers are Looking Towards NHS England to Support Early Access

December 07, 2021 Executive Summary The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is the major reimbursement body and pathway to achieving market access in England, although products that have not been evaluated by NICE or have received a negative NICE outcome can still achieve local access through CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups)In 2017, NHS England announced deals facilitating patient access to two innovative treatments (KADCYLA and STRENSIQ). KADCYLA’s previous negative NICE recommendation in HER2+ breast cancer and strong patient…

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Why you should consider Patient Finding for physician targeting

Patient Finding is an innovative tool to improve customer targeting that can be implemented fairly quickly, without a lot of organizational disruption, retraining, or complex data integration. It is a worthwhile addition to your portfolio of targeting methods. For appropriate brands, Patient Finding can provide a significant competitive advantage. As it becomes more widely used by the pharma industry, late adopters may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.…

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Digital Competency Report

Our new annual Digital Competency Report assesses 124 in-market biopharma patient brands through the lens of digital execution. The novel study evaluates the brands across five categories and 40 unique metrics to rank each one on a scale from Transformational to Novice. The excerpt, available to the public, offers a look into the rankings. TGaS Omnichannel Solution Members will receive a full report readout that dives into performance by company and therapy, cross data analysis looking at things like spend…

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Global Evidence Requirements to Launch a Digital Health Technology

November 12, 2021 Executive Summary Given the growing number of digital health technologies available, there is a wide range of frameworks that outline key requirements to support decision-makers with the value assessment of digital health solutionsUnderstanding how requirements differ based on the country and organization that develops the framework is key to prepare the successful global launch of a digital health technologyClinical evidence that demonstrates an improvement in the state of health or quality of life should be taken into…

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Are Current Reimbursement Options for Opioid Use Disorder DTx Causing a Barrier to Widespread Adoption in the USA?

November 09, 2021 In 2020, Trinity assessed three applications developed to treat Opioid Use Disorders (OUD) (e.g., reSET-O, Connections, DynamiCare) through the lens of ICER conducting a cost-effectiveness evaluation. Only a year later, several more health tech startups have adopted a preventative outlook and seek to address chronic pain with digital health tools (e.g., phone applications). A key focal point is the current public health issue faced by the US with ~2.1 million Americans diagnosed with OUD. These applications, including…

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Imperatives for Optimizing Your Commercial Data Environment

Whether you are preparing to deploy your commercial data environment or considering changes to your existing infrastructure, don’t be left wondering. There is a lot to consider from both a strategy and day-to-day operational perspective to ensure you are making optimal decisions.Trinity Life Sciences invites you to join us for a webinar created specifically for emerging and pre-commercial life sciences companies. After working with many companies in your shoes, we have compiled the most important “Did You Knows.” Come learn…

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Insulin Approval Pathways USA vs. EU

November 02, 2021 Executive Summary In March 2020, the FDA amended its classification of add-on insulin products, changing the approval pathway from that of a chemical drug follow-on to a biosimilar and more closely aligning with the EMA’s longstanding biosimilar insulin approval pathwayThe FDA approved the Semglee Pen (insulin glargine) as the first product through the new biosimilar insulin approval pathway in July 2021; the Semglee was priced as almost three times less costly in the USA than the previously…

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Aducanumab Approval: Impact on Payers, Trials, and Trust

October 27, 2021 Executive Summary Aducanumab was approved for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease by the FDA despite the Peripheral and Central Nervous System Drugs Advisory Committee’s vote against recommending the drug according to insufficient evidence in slowing cognitive declineSeveral payers have expressed hesitancy to cover aducanumab given perceived inadequate demonstration of clinical benefit combined with a high expected budget impact attributed to the large patient population and steep 56,000 per year price tagExperts are concerned that the aducanumab approval…

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Cell and Gene Therapy Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities for Biotech and Investors

October 19, 2021 Executive Summary The American Society of Cell & Gene Therapy (ASCGT) wrapped up their 2021 conference earlier this year, which covered a range of topics, from new scientific advances to the evolving pricing and market access dynamics surrounding cell and gene therapies (CGT). Trinity had the opportunity to attend the conference, which brought together stakeholders from across the CGT landscape to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities within the space today. In this post we will…

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MedTech in the Post-COVID World: Where Do We Go From Here?

October 28, 2021 | 1:00-1:45 pm ET Trinity MedTech, a part of Trinity Life Sciences, invites you to our webinar, MedTech in the Post-COVID World: Where Do We Go From Here? We will share data from our real-world evidence team on key sectors within the broader MedTech industry to show the impact of COVID on different MedTech lines of business. We will also explore what the implications are moving forward for companies/brands. In particular, what are best practice companies/brands doing…

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