How do/should other life science companies do it?

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TGaS Advisors, a division of Trinity, offers leading benchmarking and advisory services for commercial organizations in the life sciences industry. With a roster of large, emerging and pre-commercial life sciences companies, TGaS provides robust comparative intelligence and collaborative network membership services. Our team includes more than 50 experienced professionals, most with senior-level experience in the life sciences and related industries.

TGaS Benchmarking

Our benchmarking and advisory services offer access to industry experts and the TGaS Client Network, fact-based answers grounded in unbiased comparative information, and practical, actionable advice to achieve operational excellence. We help clients answer the question, “How do/should other life sciences companies do it?” regarding organization structure, resources, processes, people, technology and vendors. Our outside-in perspective enables clients to make better decisions, achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness, track performance and plan for the future.

All TGaS benchmark data is collected from our broad industry network of professionals currently working in roles in life sciences. Benchmarks are created in a standardized way using our patented PharmaStance® methodology by our own experienced executives who have also “sat in the chair” of our clients. All benchmark data is validated and blinded before it is included in our data sets, enabling us to provide accurate and very granular details for our clients to use to inform their own businesses. With an active network of thousands of industry contacts across more than 100 companies, there is hardly a question we cannot help a client answer.

TGaS provides benchmarking and advisory services for commercial and medical areas in life sciences by department and functional area. We also offer an exclusive network for Executive Commercial Operations leaders, along with our Emerging Life Sciences Network for pre-commercial and emerging life sciences companies.

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Emerging Life Sciences Network

Emerging Life Sciences Network

How should other pre-commercial and emerging life sciences companies do it?

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Executive Commercial Operations

Executive Commercial Operations

Achieve a best-in-class commercial operations organization.

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TGaS clients benefit from a wide array of services in addition to benchmarking.

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