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Trinity has been working in the APAC region for over 10 years and has completed over 550 projects related to the region. There are ~20 Trinity experts associated with the Asia Pacific Center of Excellence.

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Trinity supports global and local clients with commercialization strategies in the APAC region, in addition to supporting local clients with global expansion strategies.

  • We leverage our expertise of APAC markets to develop recommendations and strategies pertinent to local needs.
  • We bring APAC-specific and evidence-based insights to support our recommendations.
  • We enhance communication and collaboration across global and APAC teams to ensure local needs are addressed.
  • Supporting All Commercialization Needs

    Corporate & New Product Strategy

    • Corporate Strategy
    • Business Development
    • New Product Planning

    Launch & Brand Excellence

    • Launch Planning
    • Brand Planning
    • Strategic Competitive Intelligence

    Evidence, Value, Access & Pricing

    • Evidence Strategy
    • Value, Access & Pricing

    Primary & Secondary Insights

    • Qualitative and Quantitative Research


    • Forecasting


  • Questions We Can Help You Answer

    What is our China go-to-market strategy?

    • Should we target Tier 1 vs other Tier cities? How should we approach reaching the rural segment?
    • How should we consider partnerships / joint ventures with local companies?
    • What accelerated commercialization options can I leverage (e.g., Free Trade Zones, breakthrough therapy)?

    How should we be organized across different APAC markets?

    • What business model would ensure optimal collaboration between global/HQ teams and local affiliates?
    • What business model would I need for APAC? Are there ‘archetypes’ across regions?
    • How should we invest/partner with local/regional R&D hubs (e.g., China, Singapore)?
    • What commercial capabilities do we need to build to remain competitive in the future?

    How do we ensure pricing and market access success?

    • Is national reimbursement in China still the ‘best option’? How sustainable is a private insurance / cash-pay model?
    • What price can we expect in local markets? How should we consider local/regional price referencing?
    • What innovative access and reimbursement options could we explore (e.g., hospital reimbursement pathway, Nanbayu, pay-by-installments)

    How do I maximize value in local markets?

    • What are opportunities to optimize our portfolio to meet local needs (e.g., medical, economic)?
    • How should we accelerate global development programs to meet specific needs in APAC?
    • What local innovation and business development opportunities should we pursue?
  • Unique regional capabilities

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    • Multilingual experts that are fluent in local language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) to ensure optimal execution of research programs
    • Extensive network of stakeholder types, including KOLs, providers, regulatory experts, payers and patients 
    • Ability to conduct market research in different formats (in-person, telephone, video platform, central facility, web survey)

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