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Traditional competitive intelligence (CI) in life sciences has been limited by decades of established norms—data streams have proliferated in an unorganized, static and non-strategic manner while the industry, life sciences companies and brand teams have gotten more sophisticated.

In response, life sciences leaders require a new, modernized intelligence approach to address key business scenarios and questions in an efficient, intuitive way:

Trinity Competitive Intelligence’s approach provides meaningful insights that shape strategy:

  • A deep bench of experts and “Intelligence Strategists” provide a clear understanding of issues by indication, function or region
  • Curated, nuanced insights synthesized across many data sources
  • Methodology, technology and tools for visualization and integration
  • Thoughtful interpretation with intuitive, tailored presentation to each audience

Trinity’s Competitive Intelligence uses next-generation analytics and strategies to offer life sciences leaders an integrated approach to making informed decisions in a complex and challenging environment.

Data Strategy

  • What are the key strategic needs?
  • What are the Key Intelligence Topics (KITs) and Questions (KIQs)?

Curated Intelligence

  • What is the most relevant information?

“WIM” Insights

  • “What’s it (all) mean?”
  • Where are the nuances?


  • What does this mean for stakeholders?


  • “OK, so now what?”
  • Is specific action recommended?

Trinity delivers strategic market intelligence with an enterprise-wide approach, providing a single source of truth for teams and stakeholders.



Trinity experts curate information and tailor it to clients’ therapeutic areas and the competitive set



Data sets and feeds can be created and/or linked to provide information 24-7 utilizing Trinity’s data automation process



Data is organized and displayed so that it facilitates easy absorption with modern visualizations, filtering and exporting capabilities



One location for all intelligence creates one source of truth to rely on, no matter which functional area is using the system



IntelligenceEDGE, our competitive intelligence tool, and automation technology give Trinity experts bandwidth to deliver the “so what” and offer rich insights in a more expedient timeframe

  • IntelligenceEDGE

    Trinity’s competitive intelligence tool, IntelligenceEDGE, is an interactive resource designed to meet the needs of CI teams and their end users. The tool provides a steady stream of curated data and insights through the power of AI-enabled automation and the expertise of a dedicated team of “Intelligence Strategists.” Relevant information on the competitive set is visualized and presented intuitively nearly in nearly real time (e.g., news, earnings reports).

    The tool offers clients an easy-to-navigate web application where all intelligence data is organized and housed in one place. With keyword search, communication, data tagging and data management capabilities, the dashboard serves as a hub for intelligence leaders and stakeholders across the organization.

    IntelligenceEDGE screenshot, shown on desktop, tablet and mobile

Trinity Competitive Intelligence’s offerings are modular, so you can select the exact elements you need for a successful market intelligence program.

  • Modular Offerings


    • Ongoing reports with customized executive-level summary of the latest updates
    • Landscapes

    Rapid Response

    • Weekly or near real-time alerts of the latest news with key implications highlighted


    • Competitive response workshops to identify actionable plans and deliver a winning strategy

    Ad-hoc Projects

    • Additional secondary and primary research to answer key questions that arise based on the latest CI (PMR or desk research)

    Congress Coverage

    • Collection of visual data and voiceovers from oral and poster presentations, panels and recap of competitor messaging
  • Comparative Intelligence
    • Support decision making through insights from anonymized peer data across representative companies
    • Explore a range of support and answers to specialized needs, such as market access or medical affairs, with peer insights
    • Peruse examples of how manufacturers may logically proceed with or adjust plans
  • Organizational Intelligence
    • Establish an intelligence process, charter and/or communication plan—or scale existing programs—with experienced strategic advisory
    • Support larger or more established intelligence with infrastructure and integration process introduction
    • Refresh the approach, optimize, modernize or even support a full “market intel relaunch” with expert insight

Competitive Intelligence offerings are integrated seamlessly across Trinity’s Brand & Marketing Excellence and Performance Tracking COEs—as well as across the broader portfolio (including Corporate Strategy, Value & Access and Trinity AI)—so that inter-related KPIs, findings and strategy are cohesive.

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