Beyond Benchmarking

TGaS clients benefit from a wide array of services in addition to benchmarking.

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Beyond Benchmarking Offerings

  • Organization Alignment 360°

    Organization Alignment 360° identifies strengths, weaknesses and perceptions between internal stakeholders and defines specific, practical actions to improve collaboration, alignment and delivery. The bi-directional assessment helps you understand:

    • What are your internal customers saying about you?
    • What is your team saying about internal customers?
    • According to business partners, how effective are you?
    • According to your team, how well do business partners support your efforts?
    • What is working/not working?
    • What priority actions can be taken to achieve mutual goals?
  • Strategy Mapping

    Strategy Mapping tools help clients establish a roadmap of where their department needs to go and how they will get there. Leveraging our insights into industry best practices, we facilitate working ideation sessions with commercial operations teams to define/refine their mission and vision and develop their strategic imperatives and tactics for the next 18 to 24 months. The result is a detailed, actionable plan on how the department supports corporate and commercial goals and objectives in the format of a Strategy Map.

  • Business Planning/Goal Setting

    TGaS supports clients with business planning by providing a concise plan on how the department is enabling corporate and commercial team goals and objectives. The plan, informed by the client’s recent benchmark, organizes activities and efforts in an actionable framework and outlines the team’s mission, strategic focus, and tactics. We help identify responsibilities, accountabilities and timelines to exceed plan expectations and establish metrics to monitor plan performance.

TGaS Benchmarking Membership

Information and advice from industry experts and peers, including advisory support, landscapes, Virtual Hows, semi-annual Summits, and more (available to the TGaS Advisors Client Network)

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