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Insights and Analytics teams in life sciences are sitting on a vast repository of archived, untapped information. Research catalogs are difficult to access and search—and drawing broad insights from them is very time-consuming.
Trinity Brand Insights AI develops, shares and refines insights across the full breadth of brand research:

GenAI can supercharge insights development for your brand.

We would know.   

Trinity Insights has been a leader in evidence-based insights for over 25 years. We have made deep investments in the latest technologies to elevate our research and analysis capabilities. The experience has been instructive—we know when and how to adopt the most promising technological innovations to enable faster delivery of sharper insights.   

Now, we can help you get the most out of your research with Brand Insights AI. 

Brand Insights AI is a GenAI tool designed by experts with deep technical knowledge and expertise in the nuances of life sciences research. It is a system built for pharma.

Works across the research spectrum: therapeutic areas, patient, prescriber, payer, qualitative, quantitative and more

Powered by each client’s data and Trinity’s biopharma insights expertise to drive development, user experience and continuous improvement– from back end to front end (data prep to prompt engineering)

Built with Trinity AI’s tested expertise in developing, deploying and supporting SaaS applications for pharma commercial operations

Adjusts to life sciences’ evolving needs with learnings from human-in-the loop feedback and agile, tailorable design

  • Can scale to accommodate all sizes of organizations and brands at all stages of the lifecycle

Brand Insights AI can be implemented immediately and is ready to use enterprise-wide upon delivery.

Our AI application is private to your enterprise and ensures your data and valuable IP are always secure and never inappropriately shared.

Commercial Analytics Brochure cover

Brand Insights AI Brochure

Brand Insights AI, Trinity’s chat-based AI interface, is designed to unlock the collective power of all your insights by connecting to primary market research (PMR), secondary literature and data (qualitative/quantitative research, interview transcripts and notes, open-ended responses, PPT deliverables and much more). The Knowledge Library can be organized by brand and is built to be friendly with external documents and files.

With Brand Insights AI, Insights teams are able to:

Immediately access and summarize brand research

Immediately access and summarize brand research

  • Ask questions integrating learnings from individual brand projects or the full breadth of past research…and receive summarized answers and citations within seconds
  • Explore past work and create new insights from archived research

Enhance institutional memory on research

Enhance institutional memory on research

  • Break down the data silos that obscure a complete view of the market
  • Integrate insights across projects, time and teams
  • Interact with team knowledge across documents efficiently

Streamline research processes and optimize research budgets

Streamline research processes and optimize research budgets

  • Reduce research redundancy and enhance analytics efficiency
  • Develop more impactful, cost-effective new research by understanding what questions have already been answered from previous studies

Increase productivity in high-value analytical work

Increase productivity in high-value analytical work

  • Reduce time spent searching research, reading reports and manually summarizing findings
  • Reduce onboarding time and mitigate knowledge transfer risk
  • Accelerate strategic decision-making

Brand Insights AI transforms the cost, cadence and speed of insights by enabling continual brand insights from the right sources in the following ways:
Smart Research Inventory

Ingest data/reports from multiple enterprise sources and query them in a secure, scalable insights warehouse

Intelligent Insights Copilot

Generate new insights by asking questions of trusted completed project work in natural language

Cross-project Intelligence

Synthesize multiple studies to identify actionable trends as inputs into brand planning

Content Creation Acceleration

Summarize large quantities of inputs to accelerate time to first draft

  • Use Case Spotlight: Transcripts

    The use case for GenAI to unlock insights from transcripts is particularly strong because only a subset of the information makes it into a final report—and because they may be stored as audio files.

    Let’s say that you have a question that may have come up in a qualitative interview in the past.

    Brand Insights AI answers the question in seconds with sourcing and citations:

    • It will tell you which PMR interview transcript(s) it found relevant context in, and then which timeframe(s) in each transcript it referenced for its answer
    • It lets you expand to see the exact verbatims

    Transcripts Use Case Screenshot

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