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Data lives at the center of every successful life sciences company and is pivotal to achieving viable commercialization.

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Trinity has developed its infrastructure and support to flex with customer needs. Its experience base enables it to deploy standardized platforms and processes proven to be highly effective while having the flexibility to accommodate existing technology decisions made by customers. The result is the quick deployment of a comprehensive, capable, and dynamic commercial data environment, founded on practical life-sciences experience and quality.

Because of its continued support of a broad set of life sciences customers, Trinity quickly identifies and understands emerging data trends. In response, it develops, tests, and implements changes to processes, systems, and vendor relationships far in advance of customer demand, and so has an improved platform ready and functional when customers are ready to adopt these emerging trends.

This suite of products integrates data to make it useful for different functions and individuals across the organization. The result is data that can be reliably and consistently used to produce effective, actionable business intelligence and reports.

CDS Capabilities

  • Data Aggregation

    Before data can be used and consumed, it must be sourced, quality checked, de-duplicated, and aggregated to provide a single unified view.

    Trinity will work with all areas from which the client purchases or acquires data to build the necessary connectivity so that data can be collected and processed at the appropriate cadence. Data sources can include third-party data, vendor partner data, and internally generated data such as prescription, sales, promotional, claims, and inventory data.

    The data is all brought into a common location, and appropriate transformations are performed on each data type to standardize and compare all to a common baseline before it is aggregated.

    Aggregation is the ability to look across all sources, eliminate any potential for duplication, and then unify these sources to create the singular view that best enables the organization to do what it wants.

    As part of aggregation, quality checks confirm that data

    • Aligns to what is expected
    • Contains appropriate fields
    • Appears to contain valid content
    • Trends appropriately

    Data is only as good as its source, and sources can rise or fall in quality, reduce their update frequency, and change in other ways, often with little warning.

    Our Capabilities

    Trinity’s experience extends over all data sources relevant to life sciences, including third-party data vendors, government, specialty pharmacies, specialty distributors, hub service providers, and agencies, as well as companies’ internal systems. Trinity’s comprehensive data pipeline is founded on our relationships and our understanding of the specific processes used by external data partners. Data issues will always arise. Trinity’s experience allows for their quick detection and resolution.

    Trinity has specific experience with the unique challenges presented by patient-level data. It works collaboratively to support the appropriate firewalls and data protection. Tokenization and de-identification ensure robust compliant access across business teams.

  • Master Data Management

    Poor data quality, often attributed to poor mastering of the foundational sources, impacts an organization’s ability to create insights, measure and understand market performance, and leverage newer technologies like machine learning/artificial intelligence. The Trinity Master Data Management (MDM) solution offers an unparalleled combination of technology and experienced support in the life sciences industry. We provide the rigorous standards and processes required, along with the flexibility to meet the unique organizational needs we have observed within the industry. We are committed to providing our clients with a superior solution, and it has been recognized by your industry peers via independent research conducted by TGaS Advisors.

    Trinity MDM is not just an application to view and manage golden records. It also provides the ability to integrate an organization’s critical data sources, enabled across the commercial data ecosystem including CRM, regardless of platform choice. Beyond capabilities expected from any master data management solution –  lookup, resolution, and management of customer information – it enables Commercial Operations teams to manage rosters, zip-codes to territories, IC universes, targets and mapping of non-standard lists to the customer’s universe. The added functionality of our technology platform ensures Operational team members can efficiently interact with core reference information and data sets.

    Trinity MDM goes beyond providing an application your teams can leverage to enable the organization. Our solution includes access to our experienced expert who ensure not only implementation success but also ongoing support for managing your uniquely configured solution. We work with your team to provide ongoing intelligence and learnings from across our many client engagements. Client data and information remains secure and confidential.

    Our Capabilities

    Built by life sciences experts for life sciences

    Trinity’s MDM experts have walked in your shoes. With decades of experience working in life sciences companies and using MDM solutions, our system’s functionality is designed based on practical, real-life experience.

    Powerful technology enabling quick setup, integration, and usability

    Trinity understands that time to deployment matters. We partner with you every step of the way from implementation to ongoing support to ensure our technology solution is deployed effectively, accurately, and efficiently.

    Proven, standardized and automated processes to ensure quality

    Trinity’s sophisticated matching engine leverages over 90 rules to ensure accuracy. Our standardized processes are built from decades of experience to ensure quality and can be configured and automated to meet your unique business needs and requirements.

    Increased platform flexibility for Commercial Operations

    Trinity has heard from many of our clients the importance of a flexible platform. Our solution enables Commercial Operations to manage additional reference files without the need for IT or vendor engagement via the Commercial Operations Command Center.

  • Data Management

    Mastered data must be supported by an effective infrastructure that allows data to be stored and accessed when needed. This is the database where all information comes together, gets linked, and is enabled to be actionable across the organization.

    While data warehousing is often regarded as a commodity, life science data does have specificities that need to be taken into account, such as patient-level data access and storage requirements and the AMA Physician Data Restriction Program (PDRP) requirements for data sharing and use.

    Our Capabilities

    Trinity does have long experience with every life sciences data source and how to construct an optimal environment for these types of data. A Trinity-supplied life sciences data warehouse is optimized for the most efficient operation and is continuously updated and improved.

    A Trinity warehouse will be set up from the start to scale with the organization as it grows, and to have the redundancy necessary to guarantee high uptime.

    Finally, Trinity has the flexibility to react to specific company dynamics, which often requires some innovative thinking. A Trinity warehouse is never just a static utility.

  • Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence and reporting are where the data comes alive for the organization. Different user types need different views of the data and different ways of pulling the reports that enable them to do their jobs effectively.

    There are two basic flavors of BI and reporting:

    1. Out-of-the-box reporting: pre-defined dashboards that can be leveraged and easily deployed. Different departments and users within high-functioning organizations have established needs for data displays focused on what they need to monitor and which decisions they need to make. Good interface design keeps screens and reports from becoming cluttered with less relevant and less informative data, which makes essential measures easy to keep track of. Such dashboards can come with design elements consistent with client branding.
    2. Customized reporting for some departments, functions, or clients. A discussion can be had about how much specific data flow, perhaps based on specialized data sources, is truly necessary. Knowledge of the tenets of user interface and user experience design, as well as experience with the decisions that need to be made by specific functions within life sciences organizations, will inform this discussion.

    Our Capabilities

    Trinity has long experience with the informational needs of the various functional areas within life sciences organizations, from sales to market access to brand and marketing. Its report development process is based on years of articulate customer feedback and a deep understanding of specific business needs. The structures, measures, and data interactions it recommends are based on long relationships with some of the highest performers in the industry.

    Trinity’s understanding of the specific needs of life sciences organizations provides the ability to recommend the most useful measures, carefully distinguishing between useful key performance indicators (KPIs) and unnecessary vanity metrics.

  • Program Management

    Acquiring capable, flexible solutions is only part of the challenge for life sciences companies. Many worry that they might never be able to use it to its full potential. Often companies struggle with hiring or developing the expertise necessary in-house, or want to get their systems up and running even as they are hiring for and building out this function. Struggles can also arise from trying to ensure internal alignment and coordinated timing.

    Trinity can manage the project of getting the Commercial Data Solutions suite up and running, as well as focus on alignment and providing the communication tools necessary for success. The client can rely on support from talented and seasoned account executives experienced in the implementation of commercial data environments and the Trinity products and services.

    Our Capabilities

    Our account executives have huge amounts of experience with every phase of this process. They ensure a deep understanding of the customer objectives and align resources towards success.

    They will provide project plans, manage project meetings, ensure regular communications, and coordinate all teams. They will be dedicated to ensuring that the customers meet their defined timelines and deliver the capabilities needed by their organizations.

    While project management services are typically focused on the initial implementation, support is also available over the entire product lifecycle, as enhancements are added and organizational needs change.

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