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TGaS Advisors provides an unbiased, objective view of the effect of your omnichannel strategy, organizational alignment to delivery on marketing initiatives, and of industry trends to help you answer key business questions.

  • Areas of Focus
    • Complete peer-based view of how brand and marketing COE teams are structured, their capabilities, financial investment and in-market performance
    • Insight and recommendations to help your organization optimize resource allocation across marketing functions and spend
    • Actionable guidance around the tactical and financial performance of programs compared to your peers in the industry
    • Industry thought leadership to help organizations identify new ways to engage patients and healthcare providers
  • Brand Marketing Organization Benchmark

    How organizations are structured can be a competitive advantage internally and significantly impact the effectiveness of your omnichannel tactics. What is the most effective approach your current organization can plan for future indications, new products or sunsetting mature products? The Brand Marketing Organization benchmark helps Business Unit leaders optimize today’s marketing structure and align for future success. Leveraging our proprietary database of over 300 U.S. brand structures, TGaS identifies the talent, functions, and structures that set some brands apart from the rest.

    The Brand Marketing Organization benchmark will help teams:

    • Assess in-line brand functions, structure and headcount against a like peer set of companies
    • Define franchise marketing capabilities, tailored to unique needs of individual organizations
    • Outline inter-relationships, competencies and capabilities for the next generation of pharmaceutical brand marketers
    • Provide recommendations on change management, for the “next new hire” and the future evolution of the brand marketing organization
  • Marketing Centers of Expertise Benchmark (COEs)

    When done effectively, the centralization of subject matter and executional expertise often leads to a more holistic approach to omnichannel marketing, reduced time to market and financial efficiencies. More than ever, organizations are increasing their digital footprint, and centers of expertise (COEs) provide centralized, standardized approaches to these efforts across the portfolio. TGaS Advisors’ benchmark resources, capabilities and processes provide insights and recommendations to move your organization forward, for COEs at any stage.

    Forming and Newly Formed COEs

    • Aligning vision to resources and budget to company structure
    • Establishing key metrics of success and quick wins
    • Baselining organizational approach vs. industry

    Growing/Evolving COEs

    • Measuring success through performance and stakeholder feedback
    • Channel, budget and headcount recommendations
    • Capabilities benchmarking

    Maturing/Shifting COEs

    • Process and infrastructure improvements
    • Realignment of vision and resources
    • Evolving needs of industry, organization and customer
  • Investment and Performance Benchmark Services

    Understanding brand-level tactical performance and investment in a competitive marketplace has a significant impact on brand strategy. Leveraging TGaS’ priority database of more than 400 prescription brands, we are able to analyze program spend and performance to help identify tactical adjustments as well as long-term planning. The analysis targets comparable brands based on patient population, lifecycle stage and other key factors to ensure a focused and accurate comparison.

    Leveraging fact-based data, the benchmarks provide:

    • Comparison of over 45 different marketing channels and overall investment to a peer set
    • Analysis of all major tactics and assets for physicians and consumers:
      • Website
      • Mobile
      • Banner/Display
      • Paid/Organic Search
      • Email (rep-trigger & house)
      • In-Office Programs
      • Social Media
      • Other Channels
    • Evaluation and recommendations for in-market activities to help optimize your campaigns
  • Marketing Playbooks

    Often organizations struggle to create a centralized set of standards and guidelines for digital channel execution. The void leads to increased lead times from ideation to launch, confusion across brand and legal teams, and exposure to compliance issues. TGaS’ digital playbooks take industry best practices and the feedback from groups such as operations, brands, regulatory, and agencies to create a set of agreed-upon standards.

    TGaS will partner with organizations to:

    • Develop easy-to-understand playbooks for the most widely used digital channels
    • Document best practices based on industry insights
    • Provide a foundation for internal discussion on how best to approach the review and approval process for these playbooks
    • Outline a process by which to maintain and update standards as channels evolve

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