Introducing the Agency Optimization Benchmark

Our members often ask: Do you benchmark agencies? As of 2023, that answer is yes!

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TGaS Advisors, a division of Trinity Life Sciences, is excited to announce the availability of the Agency Optimization Benchmark offered by the Omnichannel and Marketing Operations solutions. The benchmark sets out to assist brand teams, commercial operations leaders and their respective companies in understanding how they compare to the industry in areas such as agency reliance, department utilization, roles, rates and the year-over-year rate increase averages.

If you are a company that has relied solely on internal data or are just launching your first product, comparing your agency information against the industry could be the catalyst to make a needed shift or highlight an opportunity to reprioritize your budget to make the most significant impact for your organization.

There are various reasons the Agency Optimization Benchmark may make sense for your brand or company:

  • You are considering optimizing internal and external resources to support your business.
  • The current economic pressure is driving more conservative spending, and you are exploring areas for more efficiency.
  • Resourcing on your business seems misaligned with your expectations.
  • There are overlaps in agency roles driving up your budget.
  • You are looking to onboard more production-focused resources for derivative content.

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Introducing the NEW Agency Optimization Benchmark

As your MSAs approach expiration, consider reaching out to your TGaS account representative to learn how the Agency Optimization Benchmark can offer you the insight you need to approach those negotiations confidently.

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