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Insights and Analytics teams in life sciences are focused on offering comprehensive insights with ever greater precision and accuracy.

Providing these forward-looking insights is challenging:

Are we sampling the right physicians to represent our target universe?

Is there a risk of overlooking key HCP-level real-world behavioral nuances?

Are we controlling for response bias with sole reliance on self-reported data?

How can we create a granular, comprehensive view of stakeholders to allow for hyper-targeting?

Can the HCP-level learnings from one study be seamlessly linked to subsequent studies?

Given the inherent uncertainty, how can we explain and defend predictive insights?

For the first time, life sciences companies can incorporate real-world, healthcare professional (HCP)-specific prescribing behaviors with primary market research (PMR) to accurately predict stakeholder behavior.

A comprehensive view of HCP decision-making enables an accurate understanding of a market today and in the future:

With Trinity Real Insights’ seamless integration of PMR and RWD, it is now possible to understand the difference between what a doctor answers in a survey and their actual behavior.

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Trinity Real Insights offers:

Answers to previously unanswerable questions

Answers to previously unanswerable questions

Our experts have streamlined the logistics that pull insights across data sources to tackle complex business questions.

Easy, quick results

Easy, quick results

Trinity’s partnerships with RWD vendors offer the most efficient way of harnessing RWD for all of our clients’ insights needs

A data-agnostic approach

A data-agnostic approach

Trinity is RWD-agnostic, meaning that we recommend and use the RWD that best suits each client’s situation

  • Integrating the right RWD with our best-in-class PMR offerings enables robust predictions about future stakeholder actions
  • Selecting the right data sources for clients’ bespoke business questions instead of relying on a single source drives insights that clients can trust

  • How does Trinity Real Insights work?
    • Clinigraphics, patient mix and relevant prescribing behaviors are grounded in RWD to add an objective lens and a tether to reality
      • Key HCP groups are identified to generate a strategic sampling plan
    • Primary market research captures the “whys” and “hows” behind current behaviors and future intentions
      • PMR is conducted among HCPs identified in the RWD
      • A fully customizable, focused questionnaire is designed to capture intricate details in order to understand and characterize deeply held attitudes and perceptions
    • Expert integration of PMR and RWD—and novel application of the resulting insights—allows for confident understanding and prediction of future decisions
      • Trinity deploys AIML-based predictive models to generate an HCP decision map and robustly predict future behavior, including identifying key targets of interest

Trusted predictive insights on stakeholder behavior are crucial, whether for demand assessments, segmentation, message testing, market mapping or ATUs—and the more rooted in reality these predictions are, the more confidence in the estimates and outputs.

Assess the entire picture from a business insights vantage point

  • Real Insights is grounded in RWD; learning from a longitudinal view of historical HCP decisions and contextualizing them via reported attitudes and future intentions can supercharge predictive models
    • Greater forecasting accuracy informs brand decisions
    • Refined targeting creates more tailored, personalized sales and marketing (including targeting, message testing, and NBE/NBA) by having better attitudinal and perceptions data to bolster predictive models

Robustly predict future HCP decision-making

  • A holistic view of the opportunities that each HCP presents is enabled by integrating deeply held attitudes and future intentions from survey data with longitudinal real-world prescribing and patient management from secondary/claims data at the HCP level

Tap into deeper insights from experts with deep life sciences commercialization knowledge

  • Trinity Real Insights are built and supported by commercially-focused PhDs with expertise in all types of RWD and in the nuances of life sciences research.

Elevate the power of Trinity Real Insights with seamless AIML-driven insight integration across multiple engagements

  • Physician decision-making insights matter, even beyond the initial project. Key insights (e.g., preference share, segments, drivers, barriers, etc.) are “woven” into the RWD-based Treater Universe using AIML. These “woven” insights can be used to enrich all subsequent studies for your brand
Trinity Real Insights uses a high-touch, boutique model.  Our clients receive white-glove treatment with the breadth and depth of support necessary to execute and pull through at scale.

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