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How should other pre-commercial and emerging life sciences companies do ‘it’?

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TGaS Advisors’ Emerging Life Sciences Network (elsNetwork) helps pre-commercial and emerging companies answer this important question. We understand the unique challenges that leaders face—from setting and defending the budget and resources and validating strategies to convincing the board of the commercial plan’s validity and scaling the organization for future growth. They need to make many critical decisions daily, often with smaller budgets and fewer resources than their larger competitors. To help companies solve these challenges, TGaS created the elsNetwork.

The Emerging Life Sciences Network is a membership organization for pre-commercial and emerging life sciences companies seeking to accelerate commercial success and make better decisions faster. Whether a company is preparing to launch its first brand or expand a portfolio, TGaS provides fact-based data, insights and advice backed by a network of more than 70 pre-commercial and emerging companies and a team of seasoned industry veterans. As partners in our clients’ growth, we use an adaptive approach to provide the right services and tools, from pre-commercial strategy to commercial execution and beyond.

Membership Offerings

Members of the elsNetwork get self-driven access via the TGaS Insights online portal to our Launch Excellence Advisory Database (LEAD), Commercial Database, Market Access Database and Medical Affairs Database based on their needs. Clients also benefit from peer-driven data, insights, support and access that are inherent in our Membership Services. Along with access to the TGaS Insights online portal, all members have a dedicated Account Executive to help clients fully leverage their membership.

  • Launch Excellence Advisory Database

    LEAD is your “constant companion” support for commercialization readiness. With over 30 downloadable modules of guidance and best practices, you can tap into the collective knowledge of the industry to optimize your product launch. LEAD provides strategic considerations and best practices for Chief Commercial Officers, Marketing, Market Access & Reimbursement, and Sales. It also covers readiness indicators and organizational structures for each sub-department, along with an inventory of job descriptions.

  • Commercial Database

    The Commercial Database provides quick and easy access to thousands of Virtual How (VHow) reports and industry landscapes to help answer the question, “How do/should other companies do it?” Peer-driven data, insights and best practices are available to inform and validate your strategic and day-to-day decisions in the areas of Commercial Analytics & Insights, Marketing Operations, Field Operations, Learning & Development, Omnichannel Marketing, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

  • Membership Services

    The elsNetwork membership includes information and advice from industry experts and peers, including advisory support, landscapes, Virtual Hows, semi-annual Summits, and Client Connects.

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  • Resource Assessment and Planning Diagnostic (RAPiD)

    RAPiD, a customized project available to elsNetwork members, provides objective data to support the annual planning process. It helps companies identify how they should allocate headcount and spend to reach their goals and ensure that the right resources are in the right place at the right time. Customized, detailed reports provide headcount, spend, and current state vs. benchmark data for Sales, Marketing, and Market Access departments and functions.

TGaS Advisors Benchmarking Membership

Information and advice from industry experts and peers, including advisory support, landscapes, Virtual Hows, semi-annual Summits, and more (available to the TGaS Advisors Client Network).

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