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Customized Primary Market Research offers evidence-based answers to drive business strategy.

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By blending our tremendous industry expertise with our research expertise, we can provide strategically sound and tactically actionable insights. Our research studies are designed and conducted for ongoing and dynamic solutions at every stage of the marketing life cycle.

Market Research Offerings

The ultimate goal of Market Research is to inform the strategy and tactics at each stage of the brand planning process—from supporting development of a launch plan to managing the brand’s entire life cycle. Our capabilities range from qualitative in-depth interviews to multivariate quantitative studies with physicians, patients, payers, and other critical stakeholders in the health care space.

Trinity uses a set of multivariate tools, including patient simulation, discrete choice, and predictive modeling. By combining the best mix of research techniques, we can uncover not only what will happen in the future but also the factors that drive that outcome.

We have considerable expertise in conducting strategic market research that includes demand, segmentation, pricing, patient journey and performance tracking studies—to support all stages of the brand life cycle. And we can deliver market research initiatives either as a standalone or as part of a larger consulting engagement.

  • Demand Research

    Trinity’s original brand was built on developing accurate forecasts and leveraging optimized demand research to ensure those forecasts have the evidence needed to support them. Trinity has grown significantly, but our focus and dedication to perfecting demand research has never wavered.

    At Trinity, Demand Research is focused on identifying expected opportunities for brands and/or novel assets by measuring expected utilization and answering the key what, where, and why questions from our clients.

    Trinity uses Patient Simulation to better model and explain prescribing behavior in a simple, realistic task that produces more accurate outcomes compared to traditional allocation methodologies. Post-hoc analyses of demand work performed by Trinity can lead to forecasts that net to within 2 points of actuals over a 5-year period.

    Demand research is one of the most frequently completed pieces of market research conducted by Trinity year after year; in 2018, more than 100 engagements involved demand research.

  • Segmentation

    Trinity’s Segmentation engagements are built to the key needs of each brand involved; however, across engagements, the core philosophy remains constituent. Trinity believes that successful segmentations allow brands to more effectively target key physicians and prioritize resources for the maximum impact.

    Furthermore, Trinity recognizes that markets are diverse. Customers are heterogeneous and driven by myriad subtle factors – underlying values, attitudes, clinical convictions, external stimuli, aspirations and emotions. Our teams reflect this multi-faceted and complex nature of decision-making. Segmentation projects at Trinity incorporate multi-disciplinary teams. Qualitative and quantitative market researchers, statisticians and strategists come together to design thoughtful instruments to capture the full gamut of diversity in the marketplace – be it in market preferences, psychology, attitudes or behavior.

    We have completed and helped to implement more than 50 segmentations over the past 5 years across both large and small pharma and biopharma clients and in a wide variety of therapeutic areas including oncology, hematology, diabetes, pulmonary diseases, neurology, medical devices, and even rare or orphan diseases.

  • Patient Journey & Insights

    Patients remain at the core of all activity at Trinity. Whether understanding how various assets can be maximized to produce life-saving innovations for patients or developing roadmaps to better maximize the value for clients’ products in the minds of physicians and patients, we are constantly thinking about how to improve patient lives. Patient Journey at Trinity epitomizes our dedication to advancing the interests of patients by generating and mining patient-level data to paint a holistic picture of the patient journey – identifying key leverage points and areas of improvement along the way.

    Each patient’s journey is unique; however, trends and patterns can be elucidated to better inform strategy moving forward. Trinity’s Patient Journey approach combines the power of secondary data (claims, EMR, or practice-level datasets) with the context of primary research (qualitative and/or chart-based quantitative) to generate an accurate representation of the patient population today with insights needed to maximize commercial strategy. Each project culminates in a poster-ready, visual flow of the patient journey, complete with quantified unique nodes of interaction and potential for leverage.

    Trinity has developed a Patient Journey Center of Excellence, striving to be a true leader in the space. In 2018, Trinity completed more than 25 Patient Journey engagements in a diverse set of therapeutic areas including oncology, immunology, cardiovascular and metabolics, infectious diseases, and orphan conditions.

  • Pricing

    Often the buzzword of pundits and politicians, pharma and biopharma pricing can be a sensitive subject to tackle. Trinity Pricing studies are designed to derive the optimal pricing and contracting strategies for brands that enable a balance of revenue, access, and risk.

    Trinity seeks to maximize the revenue potential for our clients in setting prices for novel therapies. Trinity Pricing studies take into consideration the value proposition of a novel drug or therapy, the commercial strategies of the company and the environmental context and then test all of these against reactions from key stakeholders including payers, physicians, and patients.

    Trinity Market Research, in combination with our dedicated Pricing, Access, Reimbursement, and Contracting (PARC) Center of Excellence, completed 20+ dedicated Pricing studies in 2018, across a variety of therapeutic areas including oncology, CNS/Psychiatry, diabetes, infectious diseases, neurology, and orphan diseases.

  • Promotional Materials

    Trinity works with our clients to ensure final promotional materials maximize persuasiveness and motivate physicians to prescribe our clients’ products. Throughout the process of bringing promotional materials to market, Trinity can add value. From value-proposition development through positioning, messaging, concept testing, and final collateral materials testing, Trinity can help to optimize the impact and resonance of promotional materials.

    Trinity believes that a blend of qualitative and quantitative research techniques provides the most comprehensive assessment of a product’s promotional materials by supplementing rigorous quantitative data with rich physician perspective and verbatims. Trinity’s research dives deep into how physicians are interpreting each option, and the drivers behind preference.

    In 2018, Trinity completed more than 50 engagements focused on promotional materials generation and refinement across all phases of development.

  • Performance Tracking & ATUs

    Marketing and Brand leaders need a steady stream of actionable insight into the market their assets play in and the context around each product. Ensuring the best trajectory for a brand requires actionable insights beyond the simple ATU (Awareness, Trial and Usage) approach of tracking the market.

    Trinity’s Performance Tracking COE provides dynamic, diagnostic tools guided by dedicated experts with experience across therapy areas, geographies and stakeholders.


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