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Navigating today’s complex and uncertain marketplace requires evidence-based answers. By blending our tremendous industry expertise with our research expertise, we can provide strategically sound and tactically actionable insights. Our research studies are designed and conducted for ongoing and dynamic solutions at every stage of the marketing life cycle. In addition to partnering with our clients on custom market research engagements, Trinity has a suite of innovative market research tools for fast, enhanced answers to your business questions.

  • Brand Insights AI
    Trinity Brand Insights AI is uniquely positioned to transform the world of biopharmaceutical insights.

    It is a powerful insights assistant and tool that allows you to answer brand questions in seconds and update those answers continually with new data.

    It can ingest information from multiple sources, accelerate analysis, synthesize findings, uncover formerly unseen patterns and more.

    It isn’t just a repository; it’s a catalyst for impactful, productive use of existing information and resources.

    Brand Insights AI is a Generative AI (GenAI) tool designed by experts with deep technical knowledge and expertise in the nuances of life sciences research. It is a system built for pharma.

    Our AI application is private to your enterprise and ensures your data and valuable IP are always secure and never inappropriately shared.

    Unlock the collective power of all your brand research with a GenAI tool designed especially for biopharma.

  • Quick Payer Pulse

    There are many situations where a payer pulse-check is needed to make efficient, informed decisions—especially as organizations design the asset’s pivotal trial(s) or during M&A processes.

    • With early stage assets, there are continual needs for fast evaluation (TPP refinements, de-risking initial price points, etc.) to feed quick decisions that would be greatly enriched with payer feedback.
    • During quick-turn business development assessments, landscape and diligence readouts ideally include payer input on pricing and access—but initial diligence often happens too fast to do a full assessment.

    Insights achieved with traditional engagements aren’t always viable due to timing and resource constraints.

    Quick Payer Pulse enables rapid, informed business decisions by leveraging Trinity’s in-depth knowledge of the global payer landscape—and access to payer stakeholders—to provide a snapshot of payer perceptions within days.

    Clients leverage Quick Payer Pulse, a proprietary survey tool, to generate and quantify country-specific payer insights to support time-sensitive business needs.

    Life sciences leaders enjoy:

    • Fast, accurate payer input from key payer experts with accompanying standardized analytics
    • Instant access to Trinity’s global payer panel through geographically-tailored questions to capture an expert-built snapshot of payer opinion
    • Unique time efficiencies—surveys are built-for-purpose with Trinity’s expertise and in-house technology, taking the survey creation burden away from clients (yet still allowing for optional custom questions)
    • Flexible purchasing options, including a credits-based subscription to support continual needs for fast assessments (TPP refinements, de-risking initial price points, external validation, etc.) by streamlining logistics like contracting paperwork and compliance review
    • Seamless integration with Trinity’s Business Development and Evidence, Value, Access & Pricing offering portfolios, as well as Trinity’s broader solution portfolio (PMR, Commercial Analytics, RWE)—allowing for results (like an early price read) to be instantly fed into demand forecasting and other initiatives
    • The option to design a customized package for research needs, including adding on consulting hours or follow-on work with Trinity’s market-specific pricing and access experts and unmatched, end-to-end support.

    Quick Payer Pulse | Product Evaluation

    Analyze payer reactions to a target product profile (TPP), including payer-expected pricing and HTA (Health Technology Assessment)/access outcomes

    • Market Insights
      • Perception of unmet need and budget impact
      • Value drivers and detractors
    • Product Perceptions
      • Product and endpoint value perceptions
      • Willingness to pay (e.g., list price)
    • Expected Outcomes
      • Expected HTA and Utilization Management (UM) outcomes
      • Access outputs

    Quick Payer Pulse Brochure


  • Quick Quants

    Produces high-level share assumptions from up to three specialties in the US, EU5, JPN, BRZ, or CHN.

    All Trinity Quick Quants provide standardized analytics with benchmarks and executive-level pre-programmed outputs. We offer Healthcare Provider and Patient versions.

    HCP Quick Quant delivers robust market shares and source of business while uncovering strengths and weaknesses.

    • Fast turnaround times (5-7 days) for BD assessments in the US and EU; Japan and China timeline contingent on indication – feasibility can be provided once indication is known
    • Pre-programmed proprietary stakeholder insight assessment tool (20-minute online survey) with the following outputs:
      • Sizing of key patient segments
      • Reactions/ratings of a novel TPP
      • Expected share/penetration estimates for the TPP in target patient segments
      • Derived preference share forms key input for the forecast

    Patient Quick Quant delivers a robust assessment of product beliefs and interest among patients while contextualizing opportunity from the patient perspective.

    • Fast turnaround times for BD assessments in the US and EU – feasibility can be confirmed once indication is known
    • Pre-programmed proprietary stakeholder insight assessment tool (20-minute online survey) evaluating:
      • Symptomology and current burden
      • Satisfaction with current treatment
      • Interest in new product development (unmet need)
      • Perception of products in development
  • IRL (In Real Life)

    A digital approach to understanding the patient journey.

    Digital ethnography is becoming more desirable because healthcare providers are becoming less easy to recruit in person and on the phone. Biopharmaceutical companies have challenges with healthcare providers (HCPs) traveling to central locations for research and being too busy to contact by phone for recruitment.

    Trinity IRL is a full-service solution that uses multiple online tools (including digital diaries, online bulletin boards, online messaging discussions and archetyping) to uncover deep insights into patients’ clinical and emotional experiences.

    IRL offers benefits over traditional ethnography and face-to-face interviews. The depth and scope of data that can be collected using digital methods can often be more meaningful:

    • Deep and thorough — Patients can complete the exercises on their own time, allowing their stories to come together over time and in more detail
    • Latent emotions and motivations — Patients can express themselves through methods other than spoken words – often imagery suggests emotions and motivations that are not top of mind during an interview
    • Reduces burden on the patient — Asynchronous discussions allow respondents to interact at their own pace, making it easier for patients with busy lives to participate
  • MR. APP (Market Research Application)

    Facilitate a dynamic, efficient, and realistic research environment with an easy-to-use app.

    Market researchers in the life sciences industry face common challenges when conducting stimuli research engagements. Stimuli is often changing during the research, and updating and printing new rounds of paper for every iteration is inefficient and sometimes impossible, given limited time. While viewing research, often clients are briefly discussing what they are hearing for a moment, and they lose track of where the moderator/respondent is during a given interview. In the back room, discussion to confirm the specific message or creative execution referred to by the respondent might lead to missing the ongoing conversation. Often physicians have suggested changes that would be beneficial to highlight during the interview but are difficult to do with paper stimuli. Paper stimuli also does not reflect the real selling environment.

    MR. APP, a web-based application for market research, enhances the customer experience as it relates to communication materials testing. It can be leveraged for both in-person and web-assisted telephone interviews across markets. This interactive tool offers clear advantages over traditional, paper-based research methods:

    • Use Technology to Enhance Insights — Application-based research allows for a more user-friendly interface which is both attractive and interactive
    • Customizable — Structured surveys capture outputs and allow for dynamic changes in the content flow
    • Data-Driven — Obtain real-time insights and rapid analytics
    • Engaging — Allow those in the back room and on TDI calls to view respondents’ screens
    • Globally Compatible — Can be leveraged for cross-market engagements

    The current capabilities for MR. APP include:

    • Message Testing — Test single messages or groups of messages, identify the most compelling messages, and dynamically build the optimal story flow
    • Concept Testing — Understand which visuals and headlines work together, discern where respondents eye-track first and the emotions drawn from the concepts
    • Visual Aid Testing — Give customers a reason to do business with you by making sure the sales aid is clear, is effective in communicating the intended messages, is easily usable, and satisfies needs of a successful call

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