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Listening to the Voice of the Patient all the way from R&D through launch and beyond.

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For Trinity, Patient Centricity means integrating the Voice of the Patient across the entire product lifecycle to keep patients’ wants and needs at the center.

There are several forces converging on life sciences companies that make it even more critical to listen to the patient voice in today’s environment:

  • Patient desire to participate in their healthcare as a consumer
  • Personalized therapies/therapies in small orphan markets where every single patient is important to the bottom line
  • Regulators’ focus on patient outcomes as a criterion for approval

Success in this environment requires that biopharma companies adopt a patient-centric approach.

Patient Centricity Brochure cover

Patient Centricity Brochure

“Developing strategies that put patients first has remained at the forefront for our clients. We unlock exponential value with a holistic approach to Patient Journey – our methodology allows for a multidimensional view of clinical patient flow, physical logistics, financial and access hurdles, emotional experience and information needs.”

Jenn Parr Headshot

Jennifer Parr, Partner and Head of Patient Centricity at Trinity Life Sciences

Patient-Centric Approach



  • Deeply understanding unmet clinical need via outcomes data and direct patient research, including the development of targeted therapies

Clinical Development

Clinical Development

  • Engaging with patients to vet and refine clinical trial protocols to ensure they are friendly to participants, so patients can comply with all requirements
  • Designing meaningful endpoints that accurately reflect patients’ quality of life and burden
  • Providing inclusive, equitable access to trials for all patients
  • Adequately supporting trial participants in the form of travel subsidies and other lifestyle-based needs (childcare, meals, etc.)



  • Creating meaningful patient-facing communications that accurately reflect the patient experience and use the patients’ lexicon
  • Driving appropriate physician education and market development that leads to the right patients being prescribed the right therapy at the right time
  • Developing Patient Services, accessible and tailored to the patient population and providing wrap-around services that meet the specific needs of patients (case management, travel support, native-language materials, etc.)

In-line Brands

In-line Brands

  • Continually adjusting and refining the patient experience on therapy through the development and tracking of appropriate, patient-focused KPIs that reflect true patient satisfaction

Patient Journey from Trinity

  • Multi-Modal Approach

    A deep understanding of the Patient Journey as the cornerstone of a patient-centric approach allows Trinity to draw on comprehensive patient insights while supporting clients’ complex, evolving business needs, including:

    • identifying and assessing opportunities and/or leverage points
    • informing launch strategy
    • driving downstream insights gathering

    Trinity’s approach to developing the patient journey is robust and multi-dimensional, leveraging sophisticated primary market research (PMR) techniques for deep insights as well as Real World Evidence (RWE) analysis for an unbiased view of actual behavior. Outputs, such as RWE-enabled patient flow, feed directly into strategy.

    When developing the patient journey, we consider the holistic patient experience from multiple angles, including clinical, emotional, logistical and the ability to access the therapy. The insights Trinity provides inform the development of appropriate patient services, patient messaging and direct-to-consumer (DTC) campaigns, appropriate/meaningful endpoints, patient lexicon, patient engagement initiatives and more.

    Trinity recognizes the challenge involved in properly socializing the patient journey within a life sciences company. Massive amounts of data and inputs can overwhelm. Trinity’s Patient Centricity Center of Excellence specializes in making deliverables accessible, user-friendly and structured in a way that can be evolved over time as additional information is added through successive research studies.

    Trinity’s Patient Journey engagements are in a diverse set of therapeutic areas including oncology, immunology, cardiovascular and metabolic, infectious diseases and rare, underdiagnosed orphan conditions.

  • Patient Centricity Offerings
    • Patient-centric commercial strategy development
    • Patient advocacy landscape and strategy
    • Proprietary patient panel development and advisory boards
    • Multimodal integrated patient journey
    • Evaluation of the burden of illness for a particular disease area
    • Patient segmentation research
    • Patient communication strategy (concept and message testing)
    • Patient Experience Design
    • DEI/Health Equity

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