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Achieve a more strategic approach and improve marketing efficiency.

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TGaS Advisors helps Marketing Operations leaders to enhance partnering with stakeholders, optimize processes and improve business outcomes.

  • Print Production, Fulfillment & Inventory Management

    Optimize the production and overall management of your promotional assets.

    Key Areas

    All aspects of the production, fulfillment, distribution, utilization, inventory management/warehousing and retirement of promotional assets

    Areas of Focus

    • Promotional print asset production
    • Promotional digital asset production
    • Utilization and distribution
    • Inventory management
    • Destruction and expiration
  • Speaker Program Management

    Optimize speaker program management, execution and measurement of impact.

    Key Areas

    All aspects of speaker program management, including strategic deployment/innovation, operations/logistics and compliance

    Areas of Focus

    • Strategic deployment/innovation: Program types/mix, innovative programming, pull-through and follow-ups, promotional impact measurements
    • Operations/logistics: Vendor management, logistics, technology, metrics and reporting, bureau management
    • Compliance: Speaker qualification and nomination process, speaker training requirements, HCP spend data management and reporting, audits
  • Internal Agency & External Agency Management

    Maximize the value of your agency investment.

    Key Areas

    All aspects of internal agency and external agency management, including selection, onboarding and performance evaluation across all brands

    Areas of Focus

    • Management and utilization of an internal agency
    • Organizational strategy, structure and management
    • Agency selection process
    • Agency onboarding and training
    • Performance evaluation of agencies
  • Meetings & Conventions Management

    Drive a more efficient and effective meetings and conventions management process.

    Key Areas

    All aspects of internal/external meetings and conventions management, including planning, logistics, execution and measurement.

    Areas of Focus

    Management of planning, logistics, execution and measurement of the following meetings and conventions:


    • National Sales Meetings
    • POAs
    • President’s Club
    • Internal Commercial Meetings
    • Advisory Boards
    • Speaker Management Meetings
    • Non-commercial Meetings


    • National
    • Regional
    • Local
  • End-to-End Promotional Asset Lifecycle Benchmark

    Integrate and optimize your promotional asset lifecycle for transformational business impact.

    Key Areas

    All aspects of planning, creation, Medical/Regulatory/Legal (MRL) review, production, delivery and overall management of promotional assets from concept to expiration

    Areas of Focus

    • Planning and creation of promotional assets: brand planning through concept review
    • MRL review process: submission through approval
    • Production and delivery of promotional assets: print/digital production and fulfillment through expiration
    • Stakeholder engagement at all points
  • Marketing Operations Offerings
    • Detailed comparative analysis of resources, processes, capabilities and organizational strategies with insights and recommendations
    • Stakeholder and staff perspectives on what’s working and what’s not
    • Insights and recommendations to help you achieve measurable business impact
    • TGaS Benchmarking Membership: Information and advice from industry experts and peers, including advisory support, landscapes, Virtual Hows, semi-annual Summits, and more (available to the TGaS Advisors Client Network)

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TGaS Advisors Benchmarking Membership

Information and advice from industry experts and peers, including advisory support, landscapes, Virtual Hows, semi-annual Summits, and more (available to the TGaS Advisors Client Network).

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