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Payer Predictions: Evolution of the U.S. Digital Therapeutics Reimbursement Landscape

Now Available On Demand: The digital therapeutics (DTx) market is growing rapidly, but a lack of clarity around their reimbursement framework in the U.S. means that there is limited coverage. DTx developers— and pharmaceutical organizations seeking an integrated digital offering— are left to wonder how the payer landscape will evolve as they strategize for the future. Join Trinity Life Sciences’ MedTech and Evidence, Value, Access and Pricing experts as they explore what the future DTx reimbursement landscape might look like,…

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Trinity Patient Flow: Lunch and Learn

Now Available On Demand: Patient-level insights. Now. Getting the right therapies to the right patients Assessing competitive dynamics Maximizing the value of patient level data with dynamic cohort design and visualization tools Trinity Patient Flow is an integrated toolkit, built to enable self-serve patient analytics and liberate patient-level data. Any patient-level claims or EHR data can be leveraged–whether it’s internally managed, vendor accessed or pre-populated. Come join us for a virtual demo and discussion, where Rajeev Rangachari, Head of Product…

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Confident Contracting: Optimize and Accelerate Key Decisions with Tech-Enabled Impact Projections

Now Available On Demand: Developing and refining U.S. contract strategy and contract design is challenging. One of the most critical hurdles is evaluating the holistic direct and indirect impacts of contract decisions across multiple scenarios at speed and with precision. Achieving that comprehensive view drives clear guidance to pricing decision-makers and avoids costly mistakes. Join Monica Martin De Bustamante—Senior Partner & Head of Evidence, Value, Access & Pricing (EVAP), John Greenaway—EVAP Partner and Jennifer Boyce—EVAP Engagement Manager as they discuss tips and…

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Improving targeting precision and field force direction through AIML-based patient finding

Background A global rare disease company was looking to improve targeting precision and support field team effectiveness Traditional targeting was non-viable due to the small size of the patient populations, complex disease recognition and diagnosis, and restrictive therapy eligibility criteria Attempts by a prior analytics partner to use rule-based alerts failed, and even after two years, no new patients had been identified Given the small number of patients in each indication, every new start is high value, both for the…

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Highlights of the 2022 National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) Negotiation Outcome

March 10, 2023 Executive summary 83 non-traditional Chinese medicines successfully entered the National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) for the first time. This is a >20% increase from the 2021 and 2020 NRDL updates, indicating the growing interest of both manufacturers and payers to ensure reimbursement for novel therapies in China. The percentage of products achieving NRDL inclusion within one year of regulatory approval continues to increase steadily, from 24% in 2020 to 53% in the 2022 update, keeping up the…

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Building a Scalable Commercialization Feedback Loop: It All Begins With Patient Journey

Now Available On Demand: Healthcare data is complex, voluminous and ever-changing. It can tell you how to attract patients, inform how you look at physicians and signal when the best window is to target them. It can serve many purposes, several concurrently, across life sciences commercialization. Consequently, a new frontier has emerged: one where leading life sciences companies have moved from discrete projects and workflows into living, related, connected data leveraged across functions and lifecycle stages. Come join Clare Gora,…

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How to Avoid a Content “Stalemate”

If you have participated in the promotional review process, it can be a delightful, contentious, enlightening or [insert your own adjective here] experience. Some of the brightest minds in the organization gather semi-weekly to provide insight and input on marketing materials that help customers understand the benefits and risks associated with prescribed products. All participants have an important role in shaping content, and not unlike a game of chess, it can move swiftly, or it can last for months or…

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Gene Therapy Uptake: The Elephant in the Room

Gene therapies’ single administration nature presents a unique commercial challenge for biopharmaceutical companies; unlike traditional small molecule or biologic therapies that can be dosed chronically or repeatedly on an “as needed” basis, the one-time per patient administration of a gene therapy means that as time passes, the eligible population decreases in size. In this white paper, Trinity Life Sciences’ cell and gene therapy experts explore the unique opportunities that life sciences executives can utilize to unlock eligible patient populations and…

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From Customer Relationship Management to Providing Customers Quality Multi-Experience Engagements: What to Keep in Mind as You Embrace the Shift

March 02, 2023  Meet Melissa Leonhauser: Melissa has over 20 years of experience managing analytic solutions that support pharmaceutical brand teams. She has helped introduce and shape how pharmaceutical manufacturers use Real World Data to understand the patient journey and inform their decision making. I’m not sure if ‘multi-experience engagements’ is just the newest buzz phrase, but I like it. It’s similar to ‘omnichannel marketing’ but with a focus on the customer instead of your efforts, and I appreciate that…

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More than a Science: The Art of Interviewing Patients for Qualitative Medical Research

As researchers and clients, we deem the insights of Health Care Professionals (HCP) as being crucial to the development of life saving, game-changing therapies. We require highly skilled, disease-conversant moderators who can match medical terms and treatment protocols with the best of them. Patient Insights work is vital when it comes to moving the needle toward the creation of ever more efficacious therapeutic options, ultimately leading to better health outcomes. Insights gleaned from patient conversations provide vital end user inputs…

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