Life Sciences Forecasting: Managing Dynamic Inputs, Calculations and Outputs

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Life science forecasters support complex analytical needs, all while grappling with ever-changing assumptions and datastreams. Working in Excel is often one of the few constants, but the comfort of working with a familiar tool frequently becomes a trade-off in functionality as forecasters pursue easy consolidation and communication, greater version control and intuitive scenario planning.

Trinity’s forecasting team has focused on life sciences forecasting and modeling projects for 25 years—and that breadth and depth of experience drove the creation of Trinity CloudCast, a cloud-based solution offering enterprise-wide functionality while allowing forecasters to continue working in Excel. Come join Trinity forecasting experts Susheel Sukhtankar, Adrian Watson, and Giri Hegde as they lead a dynamic discussion on forecasting and the approaches they use to mitigate common forecasting challenges.

Key Webinar Topics

  1. Core problems facing life sciences forecasters
  2. Trinity’s forecasting approach, tips, and tricks – including new Trinity CloudCast features
  3. What best practices look like and what to avoid

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