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Client Situation

The objective was to develop an advanced machine learning algorithm to predict potential site alerts for HCPs in the target universe

Trinity’s Role

Besides sales rep deployment, the client used these alerts to direct their non-personal promotion like email and digital advertising.

The project was done in 2 phases.

Phase 1:

  • Data coverage of claims data, EMR data and other sources for incoming site alerts to expand the existing HCP list
  • Business rule creation to identify incoming site alerts data from additional HCP lists to ensure better coverage and make the existing list more comprehensive
  • Key driver identification for prescribing behavior of HCPs
  • Regression model development to estimate the future number of alerts from HCPs

Phase 2 (leveraged Phase 1 output):

  • Creation of a channel and content recommendation algorithm for the updated HCP universe
  • Data sources such as Multichannel Marketing (MCM) activity, sales data and call activity were sent across various channels for effective targeting

Project Outcomes

This project resulted in a ~20% improvement in site alerts address rate. Deliverables included:

  • An efficient recommendation model to help plan the HCP engagement journey, featuring alerts forecasted out 4 weeks to support informed decisions, HCP targeting and tactical brand share management
    • High-value HCP identification, prioritization and collation
    • Enrichment of HCP universe and site alerts predictions to improve coverage of total alerts
  • Increased utilization of sales reps & channel communications
    • Proactive engagement with high-value HCPs was promoted by sending site alerts communications through the right channels
    • Call activity planning was realigned to help sales reps optimize their efforts

“This innovative approach to predict site alerts has helped our teams to intervene proactively to help make treatment decisions. It puts us in an advantageous position by enabling our sales and marketing teams to reach out to HCPs more effectively with well-timed and tailored messaging.”


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