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Client Situation

As part of an enterprise-wide Digital Transformation initiative, our client was looking to optimize effectiveness of marketing execution channels—and maximize clinical and commercial outcomes—by personalizing campaigns through engaging HCPs with the most relevant content (safety, efficacy, support, etc.)

The client was first looking to scale an existing brand-specific NBA solution across all their inline brands. However, there were several challenges with the initial application and this approach:

  • Basic, limited functionality with no prediction capability around sequential touchpoints
  • High computational architecture with many manual handoffs, resulting in high infrastructure costs and operational complexity
  • No inherent scalability built into the solution architecture, making implementation across brands cost-prohibitive

Trinity’s Role

Trinity’s NBA solution was deployed and scaled to 8+ brands across multiple TAs to provide the client with an enterprise NBA insights platform, including:

  • A unified, transparent knowledge base
  • Simple, intuitive management from an operational perspective

Project Outcomes

  • 75% reduction in processing time through our optimized, productized solution architecture
  • Reduced cost by $3M per year through configurable scale, low maintenance platform and infrastructure cost savings
  • AIML-based predictions resulted in:
    • ­30% lift across digital engagements
    • ­23% increase in field force triggered emails

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