Trinity EvidenceFirst™ breaks down the barriers for biopharmaceutical companies to gain actionable real-world evidence.

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The high-value subscription service allows biopharmaceutical companies to take advantage of real-world insights like never before. EvidenceFirst allows organizations to benefit from big, robust data without dealing with the complexities, resource requirements, and costs associated with large data sets. With EvidenceFirst, biopharmaceutical companies can now utilize timely real-world insights on a broader range of projects than in the past. 

The combination of access to claims data, rigorous methodology, and expert interpretation of results makes EvidenceFirst the first of its kind. Timely insights allow biopharma companies to best understand a patient flow to improve patient outcomes, accelerate a potential drug’s success, or identify challenges early on that might hinder a drug candidate’s acceptance. Within a week, EvidenceFirst can help life sciences companies answer four critical questions for a specific indication:

  • Who are the patients?
  • Where do I find them?
  • How are they treated?
  • What are their outcomes?

Trinity Experts Deliver the “so what?”

The answers to these questions are presented with consistent reporting that provides actionable insights. Not just a data pull, EvidenceFirst includes the “so what” provided by Trinity’s experts in a dependable format ready to be shared with internal business partners.

EvidenceFirst is Convenient and Consistent

EvidenceFirst allows pharma companies to gain insights from data sources that they might not already have access to or struggle to gain in data sources they already own. The outputs and reporting are always consistent. Providing a predictable consistent set of foundational outputs is critical in building confidence among key internal stakeholders. This also arms biopharma leaders with a way to consistently compare across different populations.

EvidenceFirst Goes Beyond Data

The output of EvidenceFirst, a consistent report, provides immediate actionable insights. Pharmaceutical companies get the insights and understanding through the lens of Trinity’s subject matter experts.

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Foundational Insights include:

  • Robust Market Sizing/Epi
  • Treatment Dynamics
  • Patient Characterization
  • Care Delivery Insights
  • Cost of Care Insights