Build a best-in-class HEOR team using data-driven insights

Preparing to build a best-in-class HEOR team?

TGaS® Advisors provides HEOR leaders with benchmarking data, access to a proprietary network of peer companies, and custom advisory services to make evidence-based decisions to improve internal and external engagement, strengthen capabilities and ensure teams are resourced and ready to meet the evolving stakeholder demands.

Challenges Facing HEOR Leaders

As stakeholders and definitions of “value” evolve, is my team optimized to capture and communicate the whole value story?

Does my HEOR team have the optimal skills and resources to realize the maximum value of RWE?

How should we engage with internal and external partners to ensure effective, efficient alignment?

TGaS Advisors’ data-driven insights can help.

Rich content, continuously updated and expanded through our proprietary peer network

  • Role of real-world evidence (RWE) in product development, access and life cycle
  • Internal engagement with medical, commercial and market access
  • External stakeholder engagement
  • Communication planning and pull-through
  • Global, regional, and country HEOR planning and execution
  • Field HEOR deployment and resourcing
  • Outsourcing versus insourcing models and vendor selection
  • Data resourcing and spend
  • Metrics for HEOR impact on launch and market access

HEOR Ecosystem-Based Approach

HEOR Ecosystem-Based Approach

TGaS Solutions Aligned to Your Challenges

  • Benchmarking Support

    Comparison to a customized peer set and to industry best practices:

    • Structures & Capabilities
    • Headcount & Spend
    • Processes & Operations
    • Technology & Vendors

    Observations, recommendations, and implications are customized and included for the client

  • Advisory Support

    TGaS Insights Portal
    Access to 3 years of TGaS data

    Virtual Hows (VHows)
    Brief, topical benchmarks (how do others..?)

    Market / Landscape Benchmark Reports

    • Real World Evidence
    • HEOR / Access / Medical Engagement

    Advisory Services
    Access a team of experts for urgent needs, or regular business touchpoints

    Vendor Insights Portal
    Access to vendor information and peer ratings

  • Peer-to-Peer Support

    Semi-Annual Invitation Only Summits

    • Connects people & ideas from across the industry
    • Network, exchange ideas and solutions to shared challenges

    Small Group Advisory Sessions or webinars

    • Emerging trends, best practices and capabilities sessions

    Client Connects
    Connecting clients on ‘in-common’ issues

  • Benchmark-Based Consulting Services
    • HEOR Strategy Map
    • Value Message Development
    • Evidence Generation Planning
    • Analytical Team Gap Analyses
    • Data Source and Vendor Evaluation
    • Dossier Development
    • External KoL Engagement
    • Launch Support

TGaS Advisors Benchmarking Membership

Information and advice from industry experts and peers, including advisory support, landscapes, Virtual Hows, semi-annual Summits, and more (available to the TGaS Advisors Client Network).

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