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Make launch planning smarter and more efficient with the pharma industry’s first and only benchmarking-based launch planning tool.

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Launch planning build and management vary greatly across—and even within—every life sciences company.

There is unique complexity around each asset, from the number of indications and markets to modality, site of care and which countries are in scope. Resources, focus and support for launch plan management vary as well—from internal org structure and dedicated PMO support to launch playbooks and dashboards.

Trinity’s Launch Accelerator allows customized, tech-enabled support for each client’s launch, wherever they are. 

Trinity has taken a modernized approach to launch planning, execution and tracking with our proprietary Launch Accelerator technology:

  • Useful for all launch engagements, including high-level roadmaps, detailed launch roadmaps, ongoing PMO support, gaps analysis and specific launch-related questions
  • Built on unparalleled industry benchmark data within the Launch Excellence Advisory Database (LEAD) and best practices and key learnings gleaned from 50+ local and global launch engagements across many therapeutic areas and client types
  • Allows for shorter project time and increased quality and accuracy in plan development and ongoing progress tracking
  • Enables workflow automation, customizable visualizations and streamlined cross-functional project managementwith a flexible, dynamic and user-friendly launch interface designed to facilitate communication, transparency and alignment
  • Facilitates the process so that teams can focus on effective and efficient execution
Improves Quality of Plan Build, Shortens Project Time, Incorporates Industry Benchmarks, Provides Flexible Tracking Visualizations and Facilitates Streamline Collaboration

Ideal for building or refining a plan, pressure-testing an existing plan for gaps, or providing project management office support, clients can access their plans directly from our easy-to-use project management Launch Accelerator tool. Collaboration and communications are streamlined with Gantt charts, dashboards and reports generated from the Launch Accelerator, all of which can be customized and configured by Trinity launch experts or by a life sciences company’s in-house launch team.

Outside-in perspective

Outside-in perspective

With our depth of global experience and unique vantage point supporting 50+ launches annually, we provide thought partnership on gaps, risks and opportunities



Actionable insights from unparalleled benchmark data and best practices based on decades of life sciences commercialization experience and our vast network of external experts



We understand a launch plan is only the beginning; Launch Accelerator, the first and only benchmarking-based life sciences launch planning tool, enables efficiencies and effectiveness for operational excellence

No matter where you are on the path to launch, Trinity works with you to define, execute and optimize your commercialization readiness.

We directly support >50 companies annually in their launch journeys – strategy, planning and management – across dozens of therapeutic areas, from first-launch emerging biotech to the largest global pharma leaders.

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