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TrinityEDGE Foundations are deployable tools for data ingestion, data preparation, cataloging, data science modeling and governance.

Trinity offers a unified suite of composable, cloud-native data management solutions to fit the needs of biopharma companies of all sizes and stages of their commercial analytics journey. TrinityEDGE Foundations solutions help organizations to build robust data foundations and easily enable key data management functions using intuitive self-service tools.

Trinity’s solutions can be deployed individually or integrated to meet customers immediate goals/needs. Based on the maturity of the analytics organization, the appropriate offering can be leveraged to craft a unique solution that will scale to meet their evolving needs. All of Trinity’s solutions work with most major platforms that life science organizations utilize for their commercial operations and come with pre-built analytic libraries that are compatible with over 350 life sciences sources to offer users plug and play functionality from day one.

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TrinityEDGE Foundations Brochure

  • Terra

    Terra is an industry-grade, robust data management platform, purpose-built for business ownership.

    Terra provides a quick data foundation and automated data operations to drive efficient execution of Data Analytics Strategy:

    • Pre-built extractors for life sciences data—Leverage a range of existing extractors and build custom extractors for any type of data source and cloud vendors
    • Easy-to-use drag and drop interface—Visually build data-wrangling pipelines with built-in data transformation functions and profiling capabilities
    • A business glossary and technical metadata information—Improve data usability for faster adoption across all the data sets present in the data lake
    • Data transformation tracking—Understand the data source, validate data and verify insights through various stages of processing

    Terra offers multi-cloud deployment and governance with results that, on average, reduce clients’ onboarding time by 80% while increasing their productivity by 50%:

    • Deploy data lakes on various cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP and many others for wider access and utilization
    • Accelerate time to–and assure the quality of—insights with pre-built extractors, a library of persistent business rules and standardized KPIs
    • Easily share workflows and codes within the organization to enable faster time to insight
    • Manage the accessibility, usability, confidential integrity and security of the data
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    Terra Brochure

  • MDM

    Poor data quality (often due to poor mastering of the foundational sources) impacts an organization’s ability to measure and understand market performance, create insights and leverage newer technologies like AIML. Trinity MDM offers an unparalleled combination of technology and experienced support in the life sciences industry. Our solution includes access to our experts, who ensure not only implementation success but also ongoing support for managing your uniquely configured solution.

    Trinity MDM is not just an application to view and manage golden records. It provides the ability to integrate an organization’s critical data sources across the commercial data ecosystem (including CRM), regardless of platform choice.

    Trinity MDM offers:

    • Configurable and Streamlined Lookups
    • AIML-Powered Recommendations
    • Confidence Scoring
    • Model Training on Recurring Patterns
    • Intuitive UI
    • A Complementary Solution to Existing MDM Investments
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    MDM Brochure

    Built by life sciences experts

    With decades of experience working in life sciences and using MDM solutions, our system’s functionality is designed by experts based on practical, real-life experience.

    Powerful technology enabling quick setup, integration and usability

    Time to deployment matters. We partner with you every step of the way from implementation to ongoing support to ensure your technology solution is deployed effectively, accurately and efficiently.

  • Iris

    Iris is a drag-and-drop data preparation interface backed by a comprehensive library of life sciences business rules and transformation.

    Unlock the full potential of your data lake with faster insights, easy collaboration and the ability to publish data effortlessly:

    • Build pipelines visually and quickly—Implementation of the workflow-driven approach helps to create data packs rapidly with no SQL-coding effort
    • Spreadsheet-based transformation for visual data wrangling—Ad-hoc analysis on an Excel-like layout eliminates lengthy code
    • Easy integration with cloud ecosystems—Integration with existing platforms and tools ensures consistency of technologies across the enterprise with no additional investment
    • Effortless reporting—Integrated export module publishes data sets to different reporting platforms directly and eliminates the need for intermediate, expensive data storage systems
    • Reusability via SQL library—SQL libraries and workflows empower users to utilize existing data assets and reduce pipeline development time
    • Low- and no-code collaboration—Optimized code generation for visually created data flows and workflow capability sharing enables users to collaborate without being expert coders

    Iris offers the ability to develop data packs in days as opposed to weeks.  Clients benefit from inherent efficiencies with reduced development times and productivity gains.

    DDS Iris Brochure cover

    Iris Brochure

    “The visual intelligence and exploratory data analysis aspects of IRIS helped us digitize the Data Pack creation process under a low-/no-code model. We have seen a 30% productivity gain for our data engineers already.”

    Director, Information Systems, Mid-tier BioPharma Company

    “The visual wrangling feature and ability to save workflows greatly improved collaboration within our team. Reuse has drastically increased and our time to insight has gone down significantly.”

    Sr. Director, Data Analytics Platform team, Top 10 BioPharma


  • Unity

    Unity offers a single window into your data ecosystem with an integrated governance process to enable data democratization while ensuring compliance.

    Democratize your analytics journey, manage cost and comply with regulations by leveraging Unity:

    • Frictionless Governance—Serve multiple personas with intuitive governance workflows
    • Compliance—Ensure data contract compliance with workflow-based approvals for data and computing access, integrated SOP/ compliance training and audit mechanisms
    • Cost Reporting—Monitor the cost of analytics with both a bird’s-eye and a microscopic view of operations
    • Industry Leading MLOps Framework—Deploy and operationalize models with minimal shadow IT involvement, allowing data science teams to focus more on AIML and less on Shadow IT Operations
    • Built-in Analytics Tools—Support all insights applications, platforms and architecture, including commonly used data wrangling tools and container ecosystems
    • Seamless Collaboration—Enable reusability and sharing across teams with project-/function-based setup and integration with external version control tools, tagging and citation capabilities.

    Unity offers:

    • 100% Compliance—Pre-defined workflows and access designed for life sciences
    • Zero Cost Creeps—Governance workflow integration with cost center tagging at the project level for optimal budgeting
    • Collaborative Environment—Project-based structure to encourage team collaboration and provide a portal for knowledge-sharing across enterprises
    • Poly Cloud Environment Support—Resources and data can be spread across clouds or accounts
    DDS Unity Brochure cover

    Unity Brochure

    “Unity was our first-choice tool to democratize data in our organization. The ability to collaborate with multiple other tools helped us reach our goal faster.”

    VP, Large BioPharma

    “Data governance is one of the most important aspects when it comes to democratization of data and Unity provided the right framework to do exactly that. A must-have for all data analytics organizations.”

    Director of Analytics, Mid-size BioPharma


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