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Spending Wisely in Europe

By 2022 Europe is forecast to account for 20% of a global US$1.2 trillion pharmaceutical market. For executives from emerging biopharmaceutical companies planning to develop and commercialize their assets in Europe, the views of biopharmaceutical investors are critical, as investors provide the necessary investments. Additionally, investors who have analyzed numerous biopharmaceutical companies will have valuable experience on what drives commercial success. In this paper, we aim to understand the views of both investors and biopharmaceutical companies, specifically on the investments…

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Commercializing Cell and Gene Therapies: Overcoming the Barriers to Commercial Success

Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) is an exciting new frontier in the biopharmaceutical industry. The novelty of the technology and market introduces many complexities for companies commercializing CGTs. This white paper analyzes the challenges faced and outlines six key questions to consider for reducing complexity and supporting commercial success: Are we confident in the supply chain right up until administration of the treatment to the patient? Do we have the right pricing, reimbursement, and evidence model in place, not just…

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How Five Oncology Treatment Paradigms Determine Strategic Choices for Commercial Success

New targeted oncology treatment regimens have changed cancer treatment. This white paper charts that development and analyzes five different approaches, providing an overview of how these paradigms determine strategic choices for commercial success. We observe that: The oncology treatment landscape has five distinct treatment paradigms. Competition, routes of administration, and market dynamics differ dramatically for each paradigm. The approach to commercialization needs to differ for each paradigm to increase uptake and ensure successful market penetration. Download the White Paper…

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Exploring the Truth of Reimbursement Challenges for Cell and Gene Therapies

Trinity has worked with over a third of companies with cell and gene therapies (CGTs) on market or in Phase 3 clinical trials. Our work has supported business development, launch planning, evidence generation (HEOR, etc.), market access, pricing, and other critical commercial activities to support the development and launch of these therapies. As such, we have seen CGTs morph from a small niche into possibly the most exciting market in pharma. 2019 is poised to be an inflection point for…

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Trinity Drug Index

The annual Trinity Drug Index provides a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of drugs by therapeutic value, commercial performance and R&D complexity.…

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How to Approach Asset Valuation in Pharma & Biotech:

Pharma and biotech companies are innovation drivers at the frontlines of research and development. To fund and support this promising science, there is a great need for partnerships and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to drive the growth/pipeline of the industry. For these collaborative relationships to occur, understanding the value of a company’s underlying assets is of the utmost importance. Since Trinity’s founding, multiple pharma and biotech clients have relied on its expertise in forecast and valuing assets. These engagements have…

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