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Successful commercialization in the life sciences today requires the foresight to articulate, set and execute a vision for the long term.

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Trinity’s Corporate Strategy offerings help companies identify their aspirational goals and then develop the strategic roadmap to realize them. Over the years, we have completed thousands of projects across all aspects of corporate strategy with industry leaders, C-Suite executives, and corporate boards to help inform some of the most critical decisions they make for their businesses.

The Trinity approach is designed to drive commercial decisions forward while ensuring growth and profitability. We can help maximize current assets and assist with R&D prioritization, mergers and acquisition (M&A)/licensing strategy, and decisions about whether to partner or build out commercial organizations.

Corporate Offerings

  • Franchise & Portfolio Strategy

    Trinity’s Franchise & Portfolio Strategy offerings empower our customers to enter or expand their footprint within a market. With multiple strategic options and limited resources to evaluate their choices, companies turn to Trinity for our ability to grasp the critical market factors with ease, and our skill in quickly and creatively identifying the best opportunities. Our goal is to create a clear understanding of key decision and trigger points around each opportunity, so the franchise strategy can be updated as assets of interest move through development.

    Our integrated, evidence-based approach helps clients make important decisions at the brand, business, and corporate levels, including:

    • Corporate growth strategy: buy, build, or partner
    • Business unit and therapeutic area assessments
    • Identification of new business opportunities
    • Resource allocation and investment decision support
    • In-depth market and competitive intelligence
    • Development and optimization of new products
    • Benchmarking and case studies
    • Strategic options/scenario analysis
  • Business Development Support

    Business Development Support has been a core part of Trinity’s offerings for decades. Customers select Trinity because of our data-driven approach, our experience in assessing fit within the customer portfolio, and our ability to articulate a thoughtful business case for—or against—the opportunity. Our approach balances key considerations by leveraging therapeutic area knowledge and targeted analytics to deliver recommendations customers can trust.

    Trinity offers a range of support tailored to the stage of diligence and the time requirements, including identification and prioritization of target assets, therapeutic area prioritization and market landscapes. All of our opportunity assessments include secondary research on the market and an Excel-based forecast for scenario planning, including NPV and cost analysis. Additional modules can be added to conduct primary market or claims research, or to provide a comprehensive view of the market access landscape. We also provide support with commercial due diligence, term sheet analysis and development, assistance with investor pitch decks, partnering and deal support.

    Trinity has developed a suite of proprietary products to leverage specifically for BD assessments, including QuickQuant and QuickClaims, enabling fast turnaround and access to the right stakeholders who provide key inputs into our analytical frameworks. We work with our clients from broad franchise strategy to opportunity identification, all the way through to successful commercialization.

  • Organization Design and Integration Planning

    Trinity paired with TGaS benchmarking data offers a best-in-class offering for how to integrate business units and operational structures. Trinity has years of experience providing strategic advice on design and optimization, and our benchmarking data provides a system-wide landscape of the capabilities of key competitors in the industry, as well as a sense of what it takes to succeed.

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