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Disruptive Factors Shape RA Landscape

Trinity experts were featured in Pharmaceutical Commerce Magazine In this article written by Suzanne Shelley entitled “Disruptive Factors Shape RA Landscape” for Pharmaceutical Commerce Magazine, Akshay Mehta, Principal, Strategic Advisory, Trinity Life Sciences, and Mary Lynn Kelley, Vice President, Patient Support Services, TGaS Advisors (a division of Trinity Life Sciences), comment on the new technologies and biosimilar entrants that are adding complexity to the rheumatoid arthritis landscape, and share their perspectives on what life science executives should consider in their…

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Google’s Cookie Ban Delay Prompts Sighs of Relief, but Pharma Advertisers Shouldn’t Get Complacent

Third-party tracking cookies aren’t as important to pharma as they are to consumer marketers. Automakers, for instance, can follow online car shoppers, putting targeted digital ads in buyers’ paths as they move across the internet hoping for a sale. However, privacy policies on most sites nix drugmakers use of third-party cookies to serve ads to people looking for diabetes or cancer information. Still, tracking data does matter in pharma—especially when it comes to measurement and analytics. The good news for pharma…

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PharmaVOICE: TGaS® Advisors Patient-Centricity Study

“A key improvement that we have seen in the industry is centralizing resources — both headcount and budget — outside of the brand team. This allows companies to focus on key initiatives, such as patient health literacy, patient co-creation activities, and even call center dialogue that can help break down the barriers of a complex conversations into a human dialogue,” says Sue Lipinski, executive director, omnichannel marketing, TGaS® Advisors. A January 2019 TGaS Advisors study polled pharmaceutical marketers about their…

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LTEN: What Can L&D Leaders Learn from Value-Based Care?

When I was a young pharmaceutical hospital representative, I had at least five products to promote to five different hospitals and to at least 12 different specialties. I vividly remember being on a conference call (on a grimy pay phone) where I was told that beginning that moment, one of our products would change from 20 percent to 90 percent of our territory’s performance weighting. And I turned on a dime. Was I or anyone else considering the effects my lack…

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