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Google’s Cookie Ban Delay Prompts Sighs of Relief, but Pharma Advertisers Shouldn’t Get Complacent

Fierce Pharma

Third-party tracking cookies aren’t as important to pharma as they are to consumer marketers. Automakers, for instance, can follow online car shoppers, putting targeted digital ads in buyers’ paths as they move across the internet hoping for a sale. However, privacy policies on most sites nix drugmakers use of third-party cookies to serve ads to people looking for diabetes or cancer information. Still, tracking data does matter in pharma—especially when it comes to measurement and analytics. The good news for pharma…

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Key Questions About Social Media in 2019


Read in PM360. Sue Lipinski, TGaS® Advisors, a division of Trinity At an individual brand level, it’s highly unlikely that social media platform activity will decrease based upon the social media scandals from 2018. Most of the marketing efforts that TGaS benchmarks are showing that brands leverage these platforms intelligently and with great consideration. Now, if their key driver analysis (KDA) or ROI analysis indicates little to no value from social media, then you will see a decrease. However, at…

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