Overcoming Barriers to Deliver Meaningful Real-World Evidence Solutions

Biopharmaceutical companies strive to make real-world evidence (RWE) a routine part of their decision-making process. Many face challenges, however, with optimizing their use of RWE data. Disparate, error-prone, costly data coupled with a lack of experience generating insights leads to elongated project timelines. Trinity provides the right infrastructure, methods and people to mitigate these barriers and deliver meaningful RWE solutions.

Trinity’s Best-in-Class RWE Solutions

Trinity provides a comprehensive suite of best-in-class RWE solutions that support our clients’ end-to-end commercialization needs—with an unmatched foundation of tools, technology, data and expertise.

Trinity EvidenceFirst™

Transforming the Time to Accessible Patient Level Insights

Trinity EvidenceFirst allows biopharmaceutical companies to take advantage of real-world insights like never before. With proprietary technology and rigorous methodology, the EvidenceFirst platform gives pharma teams cost-effective access to both the data they already have and the data they need. Trinity experts generate consistent, actionable real-world insights within a week that allow biopharmaceutical organizations to answer four critical questions:

  • Who are the patients?
  • Where do you find them? 
  • How are they treated?
  • What are their outcomes?

By using EvidenceFirst, biopharma companies can back their commercial assessments with real-world data. EvidenceFirst supports early patient journey, value story and commercial model initiatives. Companies can compare indication-specific metrics across datasets, without incremental data purchase.

Bespoke Analytics

Tailoring Deep Dive Analytics to Our Clients’ Needs

Trinity’s bespoke analytics are designed to be fit for purpose, aligned to our client’s unique business goals and data needs. Our dedicated RWE team conducts >60 custom data analytics projects annually and has in-depth experience with >15 industry datasets. We leverage our custom capabilities, proven methodologies and industry expertise to deliver a depth and breadth of analytics to support your nuanced studies.

Integrating Solutions with RWE

Taking a Holistic Approach to Power Evidence-Based Strategic Decisions

Trinity’s RWE data is integrated with our best-in-class research and advisory services across six Centers of Excellence. Our work is powered by our expertise from over 20 years of experience in commercial and outcomes strategy, research, data and analytics, spanning nearly all therapeutic areas. This holistic approach enables us to provide informed solutions at every stage of the product lifecycle and allows for unmatched support across our clients’ Commercial and HEOR needs.

To learn more about Trinity’s Real-World Evidence capabilities, contact us at rwe@trinitylifesciences.com