Informed, strategic decisions require patient-level insights gleaned from best-in-class methodologies.

Our dedicated RWE team has conducted >600 projects, and can provide holistic solutions to provide comprehensive support for all types of patient-level data analytics.  Our work is powered by our expertise from over 20 years of experience in commercial and outcomes strategy, research, data and analytics.

Trinity recommends appropriate data sources to answer business questions and design an efficient process. Given our legacy in strategic advisory engagements, our focus is on selecting the data source that not only provides the best value but can also be leveraged beyond a single specific business need. Our extensive experience working with in-house datasets and non-traditional sources of information allows us to connect insights across multiple (and sometimes disparate) data sources to draw critical conclusions for our customers.

With a team that includes PhD-level statisticians to ensure findings accurately reflect the specific market, patient types, and competitive sets that are most relevant, our data scientists think like the commercial teams we support.

Trinity’s RWE offerings include:

  • Market Sizing and Epidemiology
  • Patient Journey
  • Segmentation
  • Patient Identification in Real World Data (RWD)
  • Real World Data Management/RWE Analytics
  • Forecasting Insights
  • Custom solutions