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ISPOR 2023 Trinity Panel: Enabling Patient Access to Digital Therapeutics – The Optimal Approach?

Published June 21, 2023

Monica Martin de Bustamante, Sr. Partner of Trinity’s Evidence, Value, Access, and Pricing (EVAP) team, moderated an exciting conversation at ISPOR 2023 Global in Boston earlier this month. Monica spoke with Lisa Marsch, Ph.D., Benjamin Parcher, PharmD, MS, and Fulton Velez, MD, MS, MBA, all experts in the field of Digital Therapeutics (DTx), about the role of evidence development in the approval of DTx to date, and what evidence development requirements could look like in the next five years. Past…

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Payer Predictions: Evolution of the U.S. Digital Therapeutics Reimbursement Landscape

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The digital therapeutics (DTx) market is growing rapidly, but a lack of clarity around their reimbursement framework in the U.S. means that there is limited coverage. DTx developers— and pharmaceutical organizations seeking an integrated digital offering— are left to wonder how the payer landscape will evolve as they strategize for the future. Join Trinity Life Sciences’ MedTech and Evidence, Value, Access and Pricing experts as they explore what the future DTx reimbursement landscape might look like, drawing upon detailed first-hand…

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White Papers

Reimbursement of Digital Therapeutics in the U.S.

Digital therapeutics (DTx) are impacting how patients are treated, interact with their providers and think about their own health. DTx have garnered interest from the investment community as well as pharma companies seeking an integrated digital offering. However, payers have not yet established a clear framework for integrating these technologies in their plans. Coverage of DTx to date has been limited and the outlook for it is unclear. We spoke to four medical and pharmacy directors from large payer organizations…

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Global Evidence Requirements to Launch a Digital Health Technology

Published November 12, 2021

Executive Summary Given the growing number of digital health technologies available, there is a wide range of frameworks that outline key requirements to support decision-makers with the value assessment of digital health solutions Understanding how requirements differ based on the country and organization that develops the framework is key to prepare the successful global launch of a digital health technology Clinical evidence that demonstrates an improvement in the state of health or quality of life should be taken into consideration…

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Are Current Reimbursement Options for Opioid Use Disorder DTx Causing a Barrier to Widespread Adoption in the USA?

Published November 9, 2021

In 2020, Trinity assessed three applications developed to treat Opioid Use Disorders (OUD) (e.g., reSET-O, Connections, DynamiCare) through the lens of ICER conducting a cost-effectiveness evaluation. Only a year later, several more health tech startups have adopted a preventative outlook and seek to address chronic pain with digital health tools (e.g., phone applications). A key focal point is the current public health issue faced by the US with ~2.1 million Americans diagnosed with OUD. These applications, including Clearing, Curable, Remedee Labs, Swing Therapeutics…

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Access and Reimbursement: Access to Digital Therapeutics in a Post-COVID-19 World

Published July 14, 2020

Executive Summary Digital therapeutics (DTx) represent a novel approach to delivering improved clinical outcomes, but the unstructured nature of today’s DTx access process has presented a major hurdle to broader uptake Payers are still at very different stages in their acceptance of DTx, and in contrast with traditional pharmaceuticals, buy-in from senior leadership will be an essential part of the top-down decision-making process for DTx prioritization Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have taken a leadership role in facilitating a pathway for digital therapeutics adoption, and they are likely to…

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