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PharmaVOICE: TGaS® Advisors Patient-Centricity Study

“A key improvement that we have seen in the industry is centralizing resources — both headcount and budget — outside of the brand team. This allows companies to focus on key initiatives, such as patient health literacy, patient co-creation activities, and even call center dialogue that can help break down the barriers of a complex conversations into a human dialogue,” says Sue Lipinski, executive director, omnichannel marketing, TGaS® Advisors. A January 2019 TGaS Advisors study polled pharmaceutical marketers about their…

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LTEN: What Can L&D Leaders Learn from Value-Based Care?

When I was a young pharmaceutical hospital representative, I had at least five products to promote to five different hospitals and to at least 12 different specialties. I vividly remember being on a conference call (on a grimy pay phone) where I was told that beginning that moment, one of our products would change from 20 percent to 90 percent of our territory’s performance weighting. And I turned on a dime. Was I or anyone else considering the effects my lack…

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Assessing Healthcare Resource Utilization Across Segments of Obesity — A Retrospective Claims Study

Obesity is a disease that is caused and influenced by genes and the environment. Whether different etiologies or presentations of obesity result in homogeneous disease burden and/or cost is not well characterized. The objective is to determine whether there are distinct segments within the pool of patients who are obese that are differentiated by clinical characteristics, and quantify their healthcare resource utilization (direct healthcare costs [HCC]), using U.S. claims data. Authors Marissa Suh, Monica Fay, Amy McCagg, Ida Moeller, Scott…

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PM360: Key Questions About Social Media in 2019

Read in PM360. Sue Lipinski, TGaS® Advisors, a division of Trinity At an individual brand level, it’s highly unlikely that social media platform activity will decrease based upon the social media scandals from 2018. Most of the marketing efforts that TGaS benchmarks are showing that brands leverage these platforms intelligently and with great consideration. Now, if their key driver analysis (KDA) or ROI analysis indicates little to no value from social media, then you will see a decrease. However, at…

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How to Approach Asset Valuation in Pharma & Biotech:

Pharma and biotech companies are innovation drivers at the frontlines of research and development. To fund and support this promising science, there is a great need for partnerships and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to drive the growth/pipeline of the industry. For these collaborative relationships to occur, understanding the value of a company’s underlying assets is of the utmost importance. Since Trinity’s founding, multiple pharma and biotech clients have relied on its expertise in forecast and valuing assets. These engagements have…

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