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May 5 - 8, 2024

Denver, CO

Trinity Life Sciences looks forward to its platinum sponsorship of PMSA 2024 on May 5 – 8 in Denver, CO. Visit our booth to learn more about how our innovative solutions can help you achieve commercial success. Or join us for one of our onsite activities – see below for details.

Breakout session on Monday, May 6 from 1:45 PM – 2:15 PM

Join Nabha Subramanya, Vice President of Data Science at Trinity Life Sciences, and Karl Svensson, Senior Director & Advanced Analytics at Amgen, for their breakout session on “A Human-Centered Design Approach to GenAI Applications.”

The Medical Affairs team of Amgen’s Rare Disease BU wanted a better way to learn from and work with dense scientific publications. Our GenAI tool simplifies the life of technical medical professionals who spend significant efforts to provide scientific and medical information about the company’s products to healthcare professionals, researchers, and other stakeholders. The tool supports teams in faster and better quality of knowledge dissemination to engage with external stakeholders, to understand the latest developments in research from medical conferences, to gain insights faster, providing medical education and training, and support medical publications and communications.

While, most companies have been embarking on the GenAI discovery process, the focus is often on the technology and tools, rather than how the end user will benefit. Amgen, IA Collaborative, and Trinity Life Sciences have partnered together to develop an application that embodies both human-centered design and state-of-the-art use of GenAI. We believe that without fully embracing both components of the tool, GenAI will not reach its full potential within the life sciences community.

  • User Centered Design of GenAI Application: We’ve deeply considered the front-end/user experience and functionality (workshops with Med Affairs & IA Collab). Many GenAI apps are designed by Data scientists & engineers without giving enough thought on the jobs to be done by Med Affairs. Our work has led to having many features we want to see (feedback, logging of results, data source citing and recal, real time document querying & summarization, etc.) and the focus is on the specific uses for the tools. As these tools and approaches become more ubiquitous, it will be important that they are well designed.
  • Scalability: Engineering design that has focused on scalability to deploy this application across other teams with different use cases and source material. Modular to adopt to the changing Tech Landscape revolving around GenAI.
  • Reinventing RAG: Our solution heavily utilizes the RAG framework and aims to fill the currently known shortcomings of traditional RAG. We have carefully designed the architecture of the solution to include innovative processes such as data pre-processing, metadata enrichment, pre-post filtering, user query augmentation, and multi-query retrieval. These processes are critical in ensuring that the solution is efficient, accurate, and provides high-quality results. A Trinity designed agent decides on workflow throughout the process and prioritizes response.

Workshop on Sunday, May 5

More information to follow soon!

Focus group

More information to follow soon!

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