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Published June 13, 2024

Trinity Life Sciences recently worked with a large global pharma company to develop a new process for creating global value dossiers (GVDs) that better met the needs of regional affiliates. Matt O’Hara, who leads Trinity’s Evidence Strategy practice, shares insights into the project with Mary Fletcher-Louis, who recently joined Trinity to head Trinity’s Value Center of Excellence. 

Understanding the Challenge 

The project involved reviewing the client’s 15 most recent GVDs and scoring each chapter for effectiveness, ease of use, level of detail and more. Regional affiliates were also interviewed to understand what they liked and what they found challenging about the GVDs. 

Identifying Key Areas for Improvement 

The team discovered that while the mechanics of GVD creation were usually well done, affiliates struggled to find the regional data most relevant to them and GVDs did not always help users see the strategic thread between different sections. 

Developing a GVD Best Practice Toolkit 

To address these challenges, Trinity developed a GVD best practice toolkit that provided guidance on how to write each chapter of the GVD. The toolkit also included several checklists and practical tools. These included a schematic showing what each stakeholder in the cross-functional team was responsible for and by when, as well as a mapping of drivers and evidence requirements for each country and checklists for each stage of the process. 

Overcoming Challenges in GVD Development 

Our analysis of GVDs across many therapy areas found that one challenge that teams frequently encounter is presenting a cogent economic story that aligns with the overall strategic goals of the GVD while also being practical and tactical.  

The process developed by Trinity was designed to flex to different needs in different markets while maintaining consistency in how evidence is portrayed and messaged. 

Conclusion and Call to Action 

Overall, the project demonstrated the value of taking an independent view of GVD development and incorporating feedback from regional affiliates to create a more effective and streamlined process. If your company needs help with GVD development, Trinity’s Value Center of Excellence can provide guidance and support. Contact us to learn more. 

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