Valuing an Early-Stage Asset in Pharma and Biotech: Innovative Approaches for Novel Therapies

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Secure success in bringing your novel therapies to market with Trinity’s innovative, holistic approach to valuing early-stage assets.

Biopharma companies have been experiencing record levels of growth in recent years through M&A, co-developments, joint ventures, licensing agreements and other partnership deals. It is unlikely that this accelerated growth would have been sustained using traditional methodologies that are less able to generate realistic valuations for complex innovative therapies. Using traditional valuation methods, we likely would not have seen the commercialization of many recent game-changing therapies such as CAR-Ts.

In this webinar, Trinity Life Sciences’ Strategic Advisory experts will discuss the forecasting and valuation challenges that biopharma companies are facing today, before exploring holistic, forward-facing approaches to valuing early-stage assets through several in-depth case studies that showcase real-life successes.

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Key Questions

  1. What are the key challenges you face in valuing early-stage assets?
  2. How does the focus of a forecast change in moving to earlier stage assets?
  3. What are some alternative methodologies for forecasting, and when are they appropriate to use?
  4. How can you improve the quality of risk and cost benchmarks used to generate the asset’s NPV?
  5. Can you demonstrate success for employing these new approaches?


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