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Data Services Platforms 

Trinity offers a set of platforms that help life sciences organizations build robust data foundations and seamlessly scale and govern their analytics ecosystems with intuitive, self-service tools. 


Terra accelerates foundational data lake set-up – reducing the time to build by approximately 60% – through pre-built, cloud native components to ingest, process and manage data.  The platform’s intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly ingest data, apply business rules, and automate processes while maintaining source- and attribute-level governance across reporting and analytics ecosystems. 


Life science organizations can monitor and manage access to their data assets and data science applications through the use of Unity. Unity enables data scientists to collaborate while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations. 

Data Preparation: 

Iris is an easy-to-use interface and workflow tool used to build and maintain data pipelines to convert raw data assets into useable formats and make them accessible to downstream users.  Iris typically reduces time to insight by 70%. 

Data Stewardship:

Trinity’s MDM augments data stewardship by employing AI.  The application leverages advance information retrieval, data enrichment and AI/ML capabilities to replicate and optimize human data stewardship behavior, resulting in a 70% increase in productivity. 

Reporting and Execution Suites 

Trinity’s suite of out-of-the-box and fully customized dashboards and business intelligence reporting services enable life science companies to democratize their data and share insights consistently and swiftly throughout the organization. 

Dashboards are delivered as an easy to deploy cloud native platform that seamlessly integrates with downstream applications.  Clients can select among dashboard groupings based on similar use cases or analytics, including: 

Patient Flow:

Inclusive of a cohort builder, a code set selector and patient journey-related analytics including adherence and line of therapy  

Customer Engagement:

A tool kit that helps inform and streamline the planning and execution of HCP engagement including a sales and marketing Next Best Action recommendation engine  

Campaign Measurement:

Shows how campaigns – across channels – are performing and which are driving customer interaction 

HCP Profiling:

Analytics aimed at segmenting and understanding relevant HCP behavior and characteristics including referral networks and shared patients 

Brand Performance:

A complete overview of ongoing brand performance including a quick view summary of key metrics – perfect for sharing with executives

Market Overview:

Market-level reporting for a quick understanding of dynamics such as market growth, treatment dynamics, leading treater types and locations and top payers

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