Trinity CloudCast™ is a forecasting platform that allows biopharma companies to rapidly create, update, share, and compare scenarios of their demand forecasts with an easy-to-use web app and cloud-based security. Once a base forecast is designed, life sciences forecasters enjoy full transparency of the model formulas, and the ability to do scenario planning on their own. Forecast teams can easily create new versions and scenarios, report across their models with lightning speed, and get from questions to insights faster than ever before.

By leveraging Microsoft® Excel® or other commonly-used forecasting software, pharma forecasters can work with tools they know and trust, while generating an unlimited number of forecast scenarios that can be easily stored, managed, and accessed through the power of cloud-based data management.

CloudCast’s easy-to-use web app and interface, Forecast Manager, ensures forecasting teams can seamlessly collaborate, easily see who made changes or updates, and effortlessly compare assumptions and outputs across two, three, or a dozen scenarios (or more) in easy-to-consume, standardized reports. Cloud management and database hosting allows these forecasts to integrate with a biopharma company’s existing internal data and systems.

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Trinity CloudCast™ was previously known as Trinity’s Forecasting Platform.

PM360 named TRINITY Forecasting Platform an Innovative Product for its 2019 Innovations Issue.

PM360 named TRINITY’s Forecasting Platform an Innovative Product in its 2019 Innovations Issue.

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