PM360 named TRINITY Forecasting Platform an Innovative Product for its 2019 Innovations Issue.

Trinity’s Enterprise Forecasting Platform delivers the power of modern data management technology to forecasters and their organizations in a simple, transparent and easy-to-use system. Our forecasting platform is designed not only with the intent of successfully integrating complex data sets, but truly empowering higher quality decision making for our customers through the entire life cycle of their products.

PM360 named TRINITY’s Forecasting Platform an Innovative Product in its 2019 Innovations Issue.

Through a single unified platform, Trinity enables forecasters to spend more time on high value aspects of predicting demand, and less time on data aggregation and organization.

Rigorously standardized, for guaranteed compatibility with the Forecast Manager application, our cloud-based, enterprise SaaS modeling platform leverages Microsoft Excel as its calculation engine. As a result, our platform eliminates the painful and tedious job of managing multiple spreadsheets while preserving the benefits of familiarity, calculation transparency, and customization.

Key Benefits of Trinity’s Enterprise Forecasting Platform:

  • Seamlessly access and leverage forecast data
    • Our Forecast Manager web app delivers centralized scenario management and reporting, allowing users to effortlessly track and audit forecast scenarios and versions, collaborate, and generate custom, consolidated reports with a single click.
  • Maintain the customization and familiarity of Excel
    • Fully customizable models are formula-driven Excel files, without the need for complex programming such as VBA or other add-ins
  • Rapidly build and update models
    • Customer models—and the data they generate—can easily evolve to meet any business need, all while ensuring platform compatibility and preventing model logic errors