Trinity’s approach to commercial analysis provides actionable insights for your business through forecasting, commercial and field operations support, combined with rigorous analytics.

Trinity offers extensive experience using and analyzing commercial data sets, a dedicated vertical of experts with specialized skill sets in statistics, as well as a seamless integration of strategic and tactical planning. Trinity’s industry experience, dedicated team of experts, and unparalleled benchmarking data powered by TGaS® Advisors enables success for all aspects of commercial operations.

Full Service Commercial Analytics

Trinity’s integrated analytics can support a customer’s business from strategic planning to tactical implementation. Our analytics support offerings include:

  • Commercial operations roadmap
    A tailored blueprint for the optimal organizational structure covering ownership, processes, technology, and resources to meet current and future analytical needs. Trinity has expertise in meshing analytics with commercial strategy, along with access to internal library of industry benchmarks
  • Business process assessment
    A detailed analysis to understand existing business processes and suggest enhancements to streamline analyses and insight generation. Trinity’s business and technology expertise and experience in the life sciences industry allows us to assess these processes holistically
  • Business decision support
    Data driven insights to provide comprehensive understanding of the business case. Our focus is on providing customers with the information they need to make an informed, confident decision
  • Full-service commercial analytics support
    End-to-end support covering full suite of commercial analytics offerings. Trinity provides a team of experts with therapeutic area knowledge, industry experience, and specialized skillsets to address customers’ specific questions

Trinity supports our customers with full-service, integrated approaches to all aspects of commercial analytics. Combining best-in-class primary market research methods with experience managing and analyzing virtually every available commercial dataset, we enhance our offerings with unmatched benchmark data gathered from commercial operations leaders in industry, from companies large and small.

Field Force Sizing, Structure, & Deployment

Trinity can help customers determine the optimal size, structure, and deployment of their field forces to target the desired subset of accounts or the health care provider (HCP) universe. Common challenges to field force sizing include an unclear customer universe and cookie-cutter field force planning solutions. Trinity’s deep understanding of life sciences data and flexible three-pronged approach provides a field force plan tailored to your business situation.

Our approach evaluates:

  • Benchmarking – using proprietary TGaS® data
  • Reach & Frequency – providing workload assumptions and universe sizing
  • Marginal Return on Investment – assessing where potential may limit return on coverage

Incentive Compensation Design & Administration

Siloed approaches to plan design and broader corporate selling strategy and the lack of an end-to-end administration solution that is flexible, scalable, and well-documented can prevent a life sciences company from realizing its true potential.

Trinity has extensive experience in incentive compensation (IC) plan design and administration for field forces. Trinity’s expertise in commercial strategy & operations allows us to take a holistic approach to IC plan design. Our proprietary IC administration platform provides a structured yet flexible and scalable solution to meet customers’ needs.

Targeting Optimization

Alongside field force planning, Trinity works with customers to determine what accounts/HCPs to target in markets of interest for attainment of sales forecast and alignment with the short- and long-term strategic objectives of the organization. Trinity’s approach of triangulating traditional deciling, market research, and advanced analytics incorporates a holistic view of our customers’ strategic objectives.  

Trinity’s approach of triangulating traditional deciding, market research, and advanced analytics incorporates a holistic view of our customers’ strategic objectives.