Trinity’s Commercial Operations approach provides actionable insights using unique analytical methods to successfully drive customers’ commercial business strategy. Trinity offers extensive experience using and analyzing commercial data sets, a dedicated vertical of experts with specialized skill sets in statistics, as well as a seamless integration of strategic and tactical planning.


Since our founding, Trinity has been known throughout the life sciences industry for our versatility and expertise in forecasting. In fact, we still conduct more forecasting projects each year than any other single type of project, employing a suite of well-designed tools and well-considered assumptions.  Our goal is to ensure every forecast can serve as a central hub that informs important commercial decision-making and enables a company to understand and mitigate expected risks.

We have significant experience in forecasting across the product lifecycle including:

  • Strategic Forecasts
  • Operation Forecasts
  • NPV/eNPV Forecasts
  • BD/Deal Term Forecasts
  • Market Access Forecasting for Pricing & Contracting

Our forecasts are supported by our best-in-class offerings in primary market research, commercial analytics, and real-world data. With these inputs in mind, Trinity can create a robust, functional tool fully informed by the best possible assumptions. Our forecasting engagements include design, build, calibration, and communication phases, and we often support customers with ongoing operational support. Whether customers need an on-site dedicated resource to prepare for long-range planning, ongoing monthly support to actualize a model or to fill the role of an in-house forecasting team, Trinity provides full-service forecasting support. 

Building on our long history of forecasting excellence, Trinity has also developed an Enterprise Forecasting Platform that delivers powerful custom tools, best-in-class data management, and the familiarity of Excel in an enterprise solution to truly empower higher quality decision making for our customers.

Learn more about our Enterprise Forecast Platform.

Field Operations Support

Trinity’s industry experience, dedicated team of field ops experts, and unparalleled benchmarking data powered by TGaS® Advisors produces commercial success for all aspects of field operations. We support our clients in engagements including field force sizing and structure, field force deployment, and design, administration, and communication of the IC plan.

Trinity excels at addressing any field strategy or optimization question, and in connecting these operational analyses to the overall brand and corporate strategy. No matter the commercial or field operations need, Trinity has the experience and the data to develop a fact-based solution for any organization and product.

Analytics Support

Trinity’s integrated analytics can support business needs from strategic planning to tactical implementation. Our analytics support offerings include:

  • Commercial operations roadmap – A tailored blueprint for the optimal organizational structure covering ownership, processes, technology, and resources to meet current and future analytical needs
  • Business process assessment – A detailed review to better understand existing business processes and suggest enhancements that streamline analyses and insight generation
  • Business decision support – Data driven insights to provide comprehensive business case understanding and inform decision-making
  • Full-service commercial analytics support – End-to-end support covering full suite of commercial analytics offerings.